Sri Lanka And It's Wild Life Tourism Culture

Sri Lanka is a country that owns a rich cultural standards and countless natural resources. The success of Sri Lanka tour industry in the term of Wild life tourism is only because of it's flexible and reliable biodiversity. It plays a huge role in Sri Lanka tour industry. This wonderful country is gifted so many beautiful wild life parks and huge forest reserves. Yala, Pinnawela, Kumana, Minneriya, wilpattu are some famous wild life parks of Sri Lanka. Most of these parks were closed before due to the Sri Lankan civil war and the Tsunami. But Nowadays those are renovated and well developed, and become the paradise for the nature lovers. Activities like birds watching, forest walks , trekking, fishing, whale watching are some famous tourism activities in Sri Lanka. These activities will help you to relax your self and enjoy the holidays in a proper way.

Sri Lanka is not only paradise for tourists, also for birds those migrating from far across the countries. The biodiversity of Sri Lanka helps the species to adapt the conditions easily. Kumana is the best place to full fill your desire of Birds watching. Also best for forest walks and trekkings. Kumana is situated in the south east part of the country. It located near the kumbukkan oya and Yala national park. Where you can witness the big 4's of Sri Lanka. Yala is similar to Wilpattu. Both offers wonderful birds watching experiences, wild life trips. The leopards, Elephants, Sloth bears and Buffalos are known as the big 4's of Sri Lanka. Some includes whales and Crocodiles into the list. Instead of buffalos. Leopards can be easily visible in these parks. Because there is no any territory domination problems for leopards, they roam freely. They are the Apex predators in this open parks. Minneriya , pinnawala, habarana are the special places for Elephants. They roam in herds freely here. Minneriya is a great example for Sri Lanka's biodiversity. Your will find some funny characters known as monkeys throughout your Sri Lanka tour. They will always smile at you. The species of monkeys in Sri Lanka are so common. You will find similar types of monkeys around the island.

Rich History And It's Ruins Of Sri Lanka

When you travel to Sri Lanka don't forget to study it's rich culture and history. You can study the Sri Lankan history by witnessing it's ancient ruins in some historical cities like Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Kandy, Dambulla etc. People around the world travel to Sri Lanka for enjoy their holidays, in different ways. Some go to beaches. Some go to hill countries , but only few visit to see the ruins of ancient Sri Lanka. If you travel to Sri Lanka for discover it's ancient history, you should definitely go to Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa the oldest historical cities of Sri Lanka.

Anuradhapura is the oldest capital of this island, which still protecting it's own cultural and religious assets. You can see many religious buildings and ancient architectural touch in entire city. Polonnaruwa is the second oldest city of Sri Lanka. Polonnaruwa is famous for stone writings and artworks. These historical cities are recognized as the UNESCO world heritage site. Parks like Minneriya and Kaudella are situated around Polonnaruwa. That's why cities like these still holding firmly a position in Sri Lanka tourism attractions. Also full filling your holidays by providing. Many memories and knowledge.

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Mark Hein is writing about Sri Lanka wild life tours and Places to visit in Sri Lanka , based on his holiday experience to the country. He recommends Mr. Praveen Medis, the tour guide in Sri Lanka for your holidays in Sri Lanka.