Why did I Start Fundraising Now?

Well, honestly to help people. I am a professional internet marketer so I know how the internet works. I know the power of captivating millions of people with the power of the written word and realized that this power should be used for more good in the world. I used to be a successful real estate investor, and decided to get out of the business due to the recession as well as not being willing to profit from other people’s misfortunes. Let’s face it, there is money to be made in real estate but to make that money you have to be willing to take advantage of someone and give them less then their property is worth. Here, I am able to take an unfortunate circumstance and instead of try to profit from the misfortune, I can make money by taking the negative and turning it into a positive. Need a surgery, I can help, need a new roof, I can help, and so on and so on.

Imagine a world where people used their power and knowledge to legitimately help people instead of to control them and take advantage. Imagine the children running in the streets, the sun shining, the warmth kisses your cheek as you watch your own child playing with the other children. Life could be that beautiful, if we all would adopt a similar attitude.

As far as this post goes, I want to reiterate the power behind using the internet as a marketing tool. The global economy screams at a pace that was unheard of to previous generations. The twenty somethings of today understand that power that some of the older counterparts are still behind on. I sat with an older friend of mine who told me my fingers looked like magic when I was typing a short letter.

A Google search on successful fundraising campaigns can show you that people are doing it everyday and being successful. Some people are even seeing success with very ridiculous causes. I am here to help people who need to help themselves, not teach illiterate jungle people the value of Shakespeare!

So, that’s about it, if you are in need of a fundraiser you need to implement internet fundraising as well.

Let’s talk a little bit about a system that works.
You have a need maybe your insurance isn’t paying for a needed surgery or you have just been a victim of a house fire. You need to raise funds and raise them now. What do you do?

1. You develop a website where people can donate to your cause.

2. You post it all over Facebook and Twitter.

3. You sit and hope, maybe you organize a car wash or bake sale.

What you should be doing.

1. Setup a professional website where people can donate or purchase your products online

2. Submit to 100+ social media websites (facebook, twitter, linkedin, googleplus, reddit, digg, pinterest, wordpress, blogger, etc.)

3. Request email information from your supporters so that you can gently encourage additional support and encourage support from those that are on the fence about helping.

4. Have audio and video updates on the web telling your supporters thanks and keeping with updates.

5. Have reminders going out to the world asking for help as well as keeping them updated.

6. Keep up with a blog and more.

7. Have campaigns running on other fundraising platforms

8. Too much to really go into depth here. At least 12 more steps!

The important thing is that you realize this is a system and the most successful fundraisers realize that they are marketing their situation to get help from the world. There is no better place then the internet to do this and I wish you good luck!

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Good Luck,


Joey Poltor


P.S. - If you need or know someone that needs help with fundraising online, go to my website at http://www.StartFundraisingNow.com and lets get started! I look forward to really helping!