Is it mandatory to have a plan when starting a new business online? Of course not but on the other hand your chance for success developing a business will dwindle due to a number of factors! For many, and understandably so, the strategic planning process can be like pulling teeth since it does require effort and without producing 'immediate' results! People today typically gravitate towards immediate gratification and developing a business plan simply does not offer that!

On the other hand having a plan does offer 3 huge benefits which can't be ignored and are reviewed below!

Problems Avoided

A very important aspect of the strategic planning process is to identify and address any potential problems you may encounter! It only stands to reason that if problems are eliminated or at least minimized so too will be your frustrations which could easily lead you to giving up! At the same time you are also developing a business reputation that many will come to respect and trust and this is extremely important when working online!

Efficiency Increases

Having a plan also means that you have devised the best way to implement your efforts to get the desired results! For anybody who chooses the internet as the platform for developing a business, working as efficiently as possible gives them the best chance for success! Most people who work online are entrepreneurs and these people typically work alone so the more efficient their efforts the more they can produce!

Best Use of Time

Time is money and is also one of the very few non-renewable resources we have so it is always wise to make the best of what we have! This is or at least should be one of the primary objectives of any strategic planning process! For those who dread devising a plan since it 'seems' to yield little in terms of results, at least during the act of planning, the time efficiency and productivity you'll experience will be more than gratifying! So shelve your impatience and start putting together your plan!

When starting a new business it is always a wise idea to first go through a strategic planning process so you know best what to expect! For many this process can be agonizing since it does NOT produce immediate results but it does produce benefits, as discussed above, which are undeniable! Working online you will always increase your chance for success when you first devise a plan! In doing so you therefore have already mapped out the best direction to take for developing a business while also minimizing needless heartaches or headaches!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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