Stress is often to blame for weight gain. But it’s not the emotional eating that’s the only problem. Stress actually ignites a series of responses in the body that makes us fat. Here’s how.

Why Stress Makes Us Fat

According to Jorge Cruise, when you feel stressed, you actually trigger your fight-or-flight response. Your body then releases a number of stress hormones, notably cortisol. These hormones are designed to help you better handle your stressor by speeding up your heart rate, dilating your blood vessels and shunting blood away from your digestive track so it can go where you need it: your muscles.

Your liver also makes fuel in the form of sugar (from stored glycogen), so you have enough energy to “fight” or “flee” the stressor. However, today’s stressors aren’t dinosaurs or club-wielding cavemen – they’re more intangible, such as meeting work deadlines and paying speeding tickets. Your body doesn’t use the sugar your liver produces because you didn’t actually fight or flee. But your liver doesn’t know that and continues to trigger your brain to make you feel hungry.

The extra calories you end up eating – all in response to that stress – get stored in fat cells. If you chronically trigger your fight-or-flight response, your body will try to store up as much fat as possible, and you’ll gain unnecessary weight.

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Michele Risa
BEYOND body mind spirit NYC

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Beyond Body Mind Spirit was founded in 1989 and offers four main areas of expertise- weight loss, anti-aging, stress management and yoga, using holistic approaches. We include powerful 1-on-1 training in our newest 30 Days MORE Self Care, and maintain on-going feedback for 30 days so results last. We also offer 365 Yoga LIVE to provide low-cost, easy access during these challenging times.

The founder, Michele Risa is a Health Consultant with a B.A. from New York University and an M.A. from Columbia University. Risa has produced her own yoga TV show since 1998, has been a frequent radio guest, featured in MARCH Magazine showcasing female executives, and Time Out New York, and has co-authored a book, "Conscious Entrepreneurs: A Radical New Approach to Purpose, Passion & Profits", Winner of the National "Best Books 2008" Awards.

She has lectured at corporations such as Boeing, Viacom, and Forbes and produced a 6 month program at New York Stock Exchange where she reduced stress and helped lower health care costs. Although the majority of Risa's clients are in NYC, she has conducted seminars as far West as California and as far East as Russia.

Her motto for healthy living is, "Find your personal formula for self love through body, mind, and spirit to create the life you want".