We have all heard of the term Career Guidance and are aware that it is important. Career guidance can be termed as a comprehensive program designed to assist individuals mostly students make informed career decisions.

career counselling and career guidance plays a pivotal role, especially for students of Class 9-11. Students in these academic levels require support to rightly choose and select a specific stream as per their interest, capability, and aptitude.

In an age where there are multiple career streams and options, it is quite normal for students to be confused. This confusion has led to anxiety and depression among school students.

Metro cities, especially have seen an increasing number of cases where students fail to manage their career choices in line with their interests and parents expectations. It is high time for educational institutions to address this issue and provide the right support to students. And a huge step in that direction is Career Counselling and Career Guidance.

Why Career Counselling should be compulsory in Schools?

Simply because every child is unique and possesses different capabilities which are difficult to attach to a certain mould. The ‘One size fits all’ approach to education will not work in the present scenario.

career counselling can help students understand their own self so that they can take an informed decision about education. Career counselling can also help manage a diverse range of problems like low concentration levels and disagreement between parents and children about career choices and school retention levels.

With proper guidance and career counselling, most candidates can choose the right career which ultimately helps them succeed. Career Counselling will help students understand the depth and nature of courses and possible opportunities in the future.

Need for Career Counselling in Schools

career counselling must start in the school itself, especially for students of Class 9-11 because these are the academic levels where students start selecting a specific stream as per their inclination and interests. In-school Career Counsellors conduct psychometric tests to analyse the interests of students. These tests will figure out students’ capabilities in alignment with their interests.

Developing Career Counselling Mechanism

Understanding the scenario, it goes without saying that there is an urgent need to build a career counselling mechanism pan- India. But how to do that?

A Career counselling mechanism is one which factors in parents, students, schools and counsellors in the framework of providing counselling. It is the responsibility of schools, parents and educators to unite and provide students career counselling at the right age.

Top schools across India have been providing career guidance to their students

The role of schools in capacity building of students has been recognized by them. To make sure their students have the best facilities and chance, they have implemented a holistic career guidance platform on campus. Schools in bigger cities like Delhi Public School, Hyderabad Public School and within the hinterland of India like Sant Nandlal School, Ghatsila have implemented Univariety’s career guidance and alumni platform for their school students.

Univariety’s counsellors with a collective counselling experience of over 100 years help school students on career, college and country choices. Students are receiving the best guidance in-school and benefitting from it. With their guidance, students have been charting their career journey from Class 8 itself. Check out our student journey series for the career guidance timeline. univariety partner schools

Career Counselling and Career Guidance is pivotal in helping students choose wisely with respect to their careers. In-school guidance specifically can help students in this tumultuous time. Top schools across India are actively providing career guidance to students and helping them by giving the wings to fly.

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