Italy is considered to be one of the most student-friendly places in Europe. It ranks amongst the 8 Most Industrialized Countries in the world. Every year 40,000 international students head for Italy to enjoy one of the most unique study abroad experiences the international graduate education here has to offer. The best part is that with the Italy Student Visa you can travel to all the Schengen countries. Doesn’t that sound exciting? So, let’s check out a little more information about the study abroad prospects in Italy.

The Italian Universities
You would be glad to know that Italian Universities are known to provide world-class but affordable education, with a wide range of social and leisure activities. On a yearly basis many Italian Universities appear in the top 200 QS World Rankings, because of the world class education they provide.

Italy has around 97 universities, which are divided into 4 categories:
• State Universities: These are state funded public institutions and make up the majority in Italy.
• Other Publicly Funded Universities: Funded by Province rather than state.
• Private Universities: Non state funded.
• Superior Graduate Schools: These are independent institutions that offer advanced training and research courses specialising in postgraduate studies.

Popular Programs:
The moment you hear Italy, the first thing that strikes your mind is Cars and their designs. This country has contributed with one of the finest designs to the automobile industry. Italy is recognized as being a global trendsetter and leader in design, fashion and architecture. When it comes to the choice of programs as well, Italy is one of the best studies abroad destinations for Design, Fashion, or Culinary. So, let’s check out the program options available to study in Italy.

The Most Popular Programs you can choose are:
• Bachelor’s and Master’s in Interior Design
• Bachelor’s and Master’s in Fashion Design
• Master’s in Car and Transportation Design
• Bachelor’s in Product Design
• Bachelor’s in Jewellery Design
• Bachelor’s in Fashion Stylist
• Bachelor’s in Culinary Arts
Program options in other study fields:
• B.A. In Business Administration
• B.A. In International Business
• B.A. In Marketing
• Minor in Business Administration
• Minor in Marketing
• Minor in Entrepreneurship
• Master’s in Hospitality Management
• Bachelor’s in Photography

The best Italian Universities or Institutions offering the above courses are:
• Institute of Design - IED, Milan
• Polytechnic School of Design - SPD, Milan
• Politecnico di Milano
• John Cabot University, Rome
• Accademia Riaci, Florence
• Accademia di Costume e di Moda, Rome

Flexible Entry Requirements:
Admissions into to the Italian Universities is easier as IELTS or TOEFL scores can be waved off. The academic percentage cut off for Italian Institutions is just 60% while some institutions even accept 50% cut off making admissions possible for students with low academic percentages as well.

English-taught Courses:
Communication or study in Italy is not an issue at all as there are umpteen English taught courses.
There are many universities which offer courses only in English especially for international students. At present there are more than 500 English-taught study programmes available in various Italian universities. You can get an admit for a Diploma, Bachelor’s or Master’s Level program in Italy which would be exclusively taught in English. So, no worries about the language barrier.

Scholarships in Italy:
All international students in Italy are entitled to the same kind of financial assistance services as Italian students. The criteria for availing scholarship are also based on same requisites of financial means or merit. The international students can apply for government scholarships at the national and regional level.

Internship Opportunities:
International students have great scope for internship opportunities in multinational companies in Italy as most of the courses in Italian Universities have inbuilt 2-3 months paid internship programs with approximately 1000 EUR as stipend per month. Being an intern adds significant value to your resume’ and helps you build a professional network, ultimately enhancing the chances of getting your dream job.

Cost of Living in Italy:
Italy is said to be one of the low budget education destinations compared to rest of the European Countries for higher education abroad. If you are lucky big universities might also offer support in finding accommodation.

When it comes to study in Italy, almost all the boxes are ticked making it one of the ideal destinations for education overseas. So, don’t wait any more and start planning to pursue your higher education in Italy, a country which is renowned not only for Pizzas and Pastas, but is also the land of the world’s oldest universities.

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Start planning to pursue your studies in Italy, a country which is renowned not only for Pizzas and Pasta, but is also the land of the world’s oldest universities.