A lot of students opt to study engineering. B.Tech happens to be one of the most popular course options for many students after completing their higher secondary education. If you have been considering mechanical engineering as your branch of study, but are still confused about it, please keep reading to find out more about the course.

When you combine maths with science, you get mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineers have the immense responsibility of building the world as we know it today. Mechanical engineers are a key aspect in the design and development of cars, buildings and space stations. Not just this, they are also taught about nanotechnology.

Is there a mechanical engineering college in Bhopal?

If you are looking for a mechanical engineering college in Bhopal, Rabindranath Tagore University would be a very good option for you. Mechanical engineering is a very broad branch of engineering that allows the students to have an insight into the other subjects of engineering, hence making mechanical engineering the field that offers the maximum number of career opportunities.

Mechanical engineering covers a very wide range of topics in the course curriculum, unlike most other programs. This makes sure that the students have the ability to learn skills that would be relevant to employment in multiple fields.

The course includes modules in science, maths and engineering. A student learns with the help of classroom lectures, seminars, projects, fieldwork and research. All of these make sure that the course is kept engaging and not monotonous. The faculty at the university is very well qualified and experienced. They make sure that every student has clarity on every topic related to the field of engineering. It is also ensured that students who need extra help are given individual attention.

Some subjects taught in mechanical engineering are as follows

Systems modelling
Solid mechanics
Engineering concepts
Structural materials
Biomedical engineering

What are the job opportunities after completing B.Tech in mechanical engineering?

Mechanical engineering is one of the prime fields of engineering. The job market for graduates is usually very hard, although it is fairly easy for mechanical engineers to find jobs after graduation. Mechanical engineers use maths and science to produce and design mechanical devices. This is why the demand for mechanical engineers is very high and students can find employment in any industry after graduation.

Most mechanical engineers find employment right after completing their studies in university. There are plenty of jobs available for mechanical engineering graduates. Most mechanical engineers opt for jobs in fields belonging to mechanical engineering like

Civil engineering
Mechanical engineering
Structural engineering
Aerospace engineering

Some students move into other industries and roles due to the diversity of skills that they acquire during their course of study. Here are some of the fields

Auto electrician
Computer numerical control (CNC) machinist
Model maker
Transport planner

There are many benefits of studying mechanical engineering. Let us take a look at some of them here.

Opportunities globally: There is a demand for mechanical engineers all over the world. There is a need for these professionals in every country to work on their multiple projects and services. If you wish to travel the world, a mechanical engineering degree can help you a lot, since there is work in this field in every country. You could work in the railway industry, oil rigs and many other industries.
High salaries: Mechanical engineers earn very good salaries. The reason for this is that mechanical engineers have amazing opportunities for career advancement in almost every sector.
Future technologies: If you are interested in technology and the advancement of technology, mechanical engineering is the perfect career choice for you. Since mechanical engineers are at the forefront of the process of leading on and developing new technologies, the field is very exciting for those who are interested in technology. The field is a very fast developing one. This means that your studies would never be monotonous. This also means that the career you opt for will remain challenging and competitive at all times. Mechanical engineers can make a huge positive impact on the world by designing products for a wide range of industries like transportation, construction, robotics, healthcare and many others.

What can a student do to be eligible for mechanical engineering at Rabindranath Tagore University?

In order to be eligible for the mechanical engineering course at RNTU, a B.Tech college in Bhopal, a student must score at least 50% aggregate in their higher secondary examinations having science as their stream. They must have science with computer science in their higher secondary education. Admissions are based on merit.

The university also has a placement cell that helps students find job opportunities after they graduate. The placement cell also grooms the students, preparing them for interviews with the companies. This makes sure that the students find employment.

For more information, please visit www.rntu.ac.in

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