You always hear, technology has revolutionized modern life. Technology has certainly changed the way we access and relay information to our peers. However, technology has a crucial role in the medical works that have seen a meteoric rise during the pandemic. Telehealth in Covington is an integrative medicine approach that leverages technology to revolutionize the medical world.

Telehealth services gained popularity as a way to avoid contracting COVID-19 while still accessing top-tier medical care. Even after the pandemic, we are seeing more and more medical centers switching to telehealth as the primary care provision point.

What Is Telehealth?

Telehealth is an integrative medical approach that entails health care delivery using telecommunication technologies. Telehealth is not a solitary service but a collection of services that enhance healthcare and awareness delivery.

Impact of Telehealth

Telehealth services rely on audiovisual technologies to offer evaluation, diagnosis, and consequently an appropriate treatment plan.

  • Telehealth Creates a Virtual Portal for You

Say goodbye to paper documentation and erroneous prescriptions. Your hospital may have a patient portal integrated with a database to store all your medical history and upcoming appointments and prescriptions. A virtual portal is a safe and secure way to relay sensitive medical information between patient and doctor. A major merit of a patient portal is that your medical provider receives the information without any distortion through human beings who are majorly the communication mediums in a typical hospital setting.

Virtual portals enhance patient monitoring and reduce the workload at the hospital to allow the medical team to focus their energy on treating you.

  • A Candid Conversation Space for You

Our innate shyness especially during hospital visits prevents accurate diagnosis by the doctor. Sometimes you may be shy to give your doctor the full story if it involves sharing embarrassing details. Telehealth services overcome the shyness barrier. At a telehealth visit, you and your medical providers have only access to a specific communication channel. You can candidly air out your health concerns and seek guidance for the most uneasy questions. More and more patients prefer telehealth visits that guarantee you a safe space for progressive consultations.

  • Telehealth Saves on Bed Space

Unnecessary hospitalization is a key impediment in health care provision. Telehealth provides medical care to low-risk patients while at home. The increased bed space allows doctors to attend to critically ill patients. The separation of low-risk patients from high-risk patients prevents interaction of diseases where one could aggravate the other.

  • Telehealth Enhances the Health Care of Senior Citizens

Senior citizens have a hard time accessing medical facilities due to financial constraints, traffic, and general body weakness. Telehealth brings treatment to a senior citizen at home. Elderly nursing homes integrate telehealth services to avoid hospitalization of high-risk senior citizens.

The telehealth approach to senior citizens' health care provision prolongs life and mitigates potential risks such as secondary infection while in transit to a health facility.

Telehealth is a welcome addition to home-based care and the overall medical world. The benefits of telehealth in tandem with its simplicity continue to make telehealth the gold standard for home-based care. Oasis Healthcare Service, Inc., provides patient-centered telehealth services. Reach out to them today.



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