The best bloggers are typically recognized for their willingness to invest the time and patience it takes to build a following for their blog! The question here is how these people sustained their motivation to continuously create content as well as promote their site over the time it takes to establish a blog? Well it helps to have a passion for the topic you write about however the 'secret' is to control your passion so it remains an asset and NOT a liability!

Here are 5 ways in which managing your passion as opposed to having it control you will prove of great benefit when blogging!

Better (Keener) Focus

Although possessing an 'unbridled enthusiasm' for what you do may seem helpful, it can also dull your senses to detail! Too much enthusiasm can lead to euphoria which although may be a great feeling, can also present possibly too much emotion to allow you to focus properly! Bloggers face many small but important details they must address to manage their platform and build a following! Maintaining a firmer grip on your cognitive abilities is the best way to successfully complete these necessary tasks!

Better Work Efficiency

As discussed above it's good to have a passion for what you blog about, but allowing this feeling to dominate your senses will only make your efforts inefficient! On the other hand possessing a genuine love for what you do can be a terrific source of motivation which leads to more focus and therefore greater efficiencies of effort!

Steady Energy Level

Being overly passionate can lead to a highly emotional state which can zap your energy levels and leave you exhausted! Controlling your enthusiasm will however allow you to 'draw' from it as needed in a way that allows you to be more productive and for longer periods of time! Consider it your energy reserves you can tap into when and where needed!

Better Judgment

As much as being passionate or very enthusiastic can help you from a productivity standpoint, the danger does exist this 'euphoric' state can cloud your judgment! Once again, too much of a good thing such as being overly passionate will place you in a more emotional state which is NOT the best way to make informed and/or calculated decisions!

Greater Resilience

When you have a passion for something you typically center your focus on the benefits you'll enjoy from the actions/efforts you invest! Keeping your 'eyes on the prize' in this way makes it easier for you to overcome setbacks or any other problems you may encounter! Here too, being too passionate may lead to a loss of focus resulting in more errors! Simply using your passionate feelings as a source of motivation will help increase your resiliency keeping you on track to succeed!

Even the best bloggers out there must first invest the time and patience needed to successfully build a following! The question is how do they maintain the motivation needed since blogging is a process that does not always bring results as fast as one may want! Obviously it's helpful to first have a passion for what you blog about but it's the way you manage this enthusiasm that gives your motivation 'staying' power! The point is to harness your enthusiasm so it will be an asset and not a liability and when you do so the 5 benefits discussed above will be YOURS to experience and enjoy!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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