In Youtube's popular video Fake Off White Review, Quentin put it this way, "In the second year of college, the teacher asked us if we knew any fakes of fashion brands. We lied and said that I didn't know. But in fact, it was on my feet. Those Travis Scott air jordans are fakes. But I feel good wearing them. At least they are cheap and of good quality."

In fact, although selling and buying fakes is not legal, this shopper community simply cannot decline. People maintain a love for the brand, but they are tirelessly looking for fake sellers of high quality and good reputation. This community is the epitome of countless luxury counterfeit buyers.

For example, in Reddit's community RepSneakers, people here freely share each other's love for sports shoes and trustworthy sellers. Also, discuss the differences between genuine and fake products. Most users admit that they can't afford expensive genuine selling prices, and sometimes even share their own budget.

Although fakes are usually synonymous with poor quality, many buyers claim that they know that this is not the case. "Much re-engraving quality is often no different from genuine products, or even better." "I can't tell which one is fake at all, it is very comfortable to wear, and the quality is very good." However, many people often don't know how to tell, even if there are some small flaws. "In the beginning, if it had the smallest flaws, I would not wear it. Later, I noticed that people know very little about the brand and even the items that exist." That's true. "Some high school students are in the gym, I wear my Nike high-tech fleece jogging shoes, they have some obvious defects, such as black stripes are too short, the rope is too short. They call me on the logo, I know this is Perfect. A bunch of clowns."

The key to making RepSneakers a great community is not hype or proficiency in internet marketing skills, but young people’s strong desire to show themselves, they want to look cooler, and they don’t want money to be a stone that hinders this goal. Based on wealth, social status, and nepotism, it is difficult to find a comfortable social living space. Even if only partly, RepSneakers can help many young people do this, sometimes even more. John told me that recently, many communities have even joined forces to launch activities aimed at sellers who get more returns from sales. "I like how we work together to get what we want."

Some people want to buy cheap Off White, a leading brand in streetwear. In keeping with its reputation, its price is also very expensive. Counterfeit fashion is a trillion-dollar industry.

When a customer was asked if he would give up the replica and return to the retail market, he just laughed: "It’s like asking if I will return to my predecessor, it was a very interesting time, but in the end, you just feel depressed."

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