Light, bright and breezy— Hamptons style interiors are the epitome of casual seaside living that makes you feel relaxed right from the moment you walk in. With its subtle, enveloping upholstery and cool, coastal colors – think azure blues and soft-hued timbers, the Hamptons look is synonymous with plush nonchalance, which is amazingly affordable to achieve.

Even better; now you don’t need to own a house in Montauk to relish this relaxing, laid-back setting! The Hamptons style interior can be created anywhere—especially in Australian homes that are well-suited to the laid back, summery lifestyle down under.

But first, what exactly is the Hamptons style?

The Hamptons interior design style is a casual, coastal decorating style which brings a refreshing update to any home. Having been showcased in classic movies like Something’s Gotta Give (a Nancy Meyers film with spectacular interiors) and all-time famous TV show ‘Revenge’, it has paved its way into popular culture as a sophisticated, timeless décor style.

Originally adapted from a group of townships called The Hamptons on Long Island, New York – this classic style dates back to 19th century when the settlements not only became popular vacation spots and gorgeous summer residences but also evolved into the look we love today.

That’s why Hamptons interiors are most usually spacious with lavish proportions and come out strongly as a holiday homemade for entertaining— either your loved ones on the couch savoring a cup of coffee, or tens of your closest friends catching up for an intimate gathering. No matter what your personal hosting style is— Hamptons interiors are the perfect amalgamation of indoors and outdoors, creating a welcoming vibe for both you and your guests.

Now, you know (and see) why it’s so well-loved and popular!

What Furniture style is typical to Hamptons style?

While the Hamptons style softly lightens up the ambience, it is mostly about classic pieces of furniture with a neutral colour palette that adds a touch of elegance to your home.

The Living rooms typically boast of deep, soft cushioned sofas adorned with pale linen slipcovers or nautical-inspired neutrals with ticking stripes.  Not only are they ultra-comfy, allowing you to sink right into them, but also perfect for catching up with friends over a cup of coffee, or cozying up with your favorite book on a chilly evening.

That’s not all; Hamptons style features a plethora of seating options such as couches with upholstered seat cushions, vintage ottomans, and not to mention cane or rattan chairs with fine craftsmanship. Throw in a coffee table dressed in warm timber and a couple of ornate side tables— and you’re already well underway to a chic Hamptons setting!

In an endeavor to maintain a seamless flow between indoors and out, interior designers strongly recommend keeping the colour and design scheme consistent – which means your outdoor furniture and statement pieces ought to follow the same style and colours as your interior. Check out this article from Hansel Gretel Australia about how you can bring the Hamptons Style to your home.

Color & Lighting that bolsters the Hamptons Style

The use of the right color scheme can bring out the best of the Hamptons style that you so wish to bring into your home and exude a relaxed beach vibe and summery brightness to unwind all by yourself or with guests.

Capturing the essence of the enduring style that speaks of serene coastal sentiments can be illustrated flawlessly using a quintessential clean black-and-white, neutral, earthy toned and ocean-inspired hues like blues, greens and sandy beiges. Moreover, the natural sunlight organically complements the base color palette and helps the dwellers think light and bright.

Also, the illusion created by adornments like wall and pendant lights softens up this classic, timeless trend when the house is not receiving natural light. And yes, the exteriors with the soft greige palette and earthy tans look very welcoming and inviting. The perfect amalgamation of color and light makes the Hamptons style ideal with nods to both meditative yet powerful characteristics of the sea.

The Hamptons’ Textures

Did you know that a wide assortment of textural elements is used in the design of a Hamptons style home? Texture helps the neutral color palette spring to life and create warmth and sophistication throughout the entirety of the house. Without some ‘textural eye candy’ such as timber and natural stone, it may feel too plain or too forced – just like a snow home with no inhabitants living inside it.

Blonde timber can be spotted the most in Hamptons Style homes—in the flooring, on cabinetry and various statement pieces, it offers warm finish and a nice contrasting texture that imparts an inviting feel to each room.

What’s more; when it comes to leveraging texture to styling the home, think natural cotton cushions in muted shades of white, blue and beige, or curtains made of unbleached linens. Also, use of oversized mirrors and artwork add a bright, airy texture to an otherwise dark or small room, while ensuring your ‘Hamptons vision’ comes to fruition. Read more on Hampton style textures.

Hamptons Style is here to stay for years to come

While interior design themes will come and go—the Hamptons style is definitely staying and growing. Not only does it combine elegant proportions and detailing with relaxed style and comfort of a luxury beach house, but also packs a timeless design that makes homes age gracefully for many years to come. Plus, it is an extremely easy design to weave additional colours into.

P.S.  For those who always like to be ‘en-vogue’, Hansel Gretel Australia can be a great option to stay ahead of the trend game! The company witnessed a steady increase in Hamptons furniture & homeware over the last two years and continues to bring the next evolution of Hamptons styling to the Australian market.

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