Although content curation, where people gather information instead of creating it, benefits marketers it also serves readers as well! Information overload is a major issue for many online due to the relentless contributions of publishers world wide! What people in many cases both need and want is simply a better understanding of the content already available online! It therefore often makes more sense for marketers to simply gather information already published and make use of it for their own purposes! In doing so here are 3 indisputable ways this 'process' benefits both publishers and viewers alike!

It Aims to Make Better Sense

Much news or other material found online has not been properly explained or even sometimes used correctly! This can easily confuse and frustrate viewers trying to make sense of or maybe even put to use any material to which they are exposed! In cases like this the person curating the content typically takes the time and effort to reword or even further explain information to people! In this way curators are able to give readers a better understanding of what may have previously confused them thereby making it more useful to them!

It Doesn't Overwhelm

The internet is literally bursting with informative subject matter! In fact so much so that it tends to overwhelm people with information overload! On the other hand 'reusing' content, such as what the curation process does, eliminates adding to this 'clutter' online but rather strives to make better use of what is already there! Folks as a result tend to be more appreciative of those who choose to gather information to 'repackage' and distribute as oppose to creating more of the same!

It Builds Authority

By locating and 'translating' subject matter of relevance for viewers, the curator builds a more authoritative image with their readers! Being the person who can help people gain a better understanding of something that confuses them often attracts much respect, trust and admiration! When working online this type of regard can be the single biggest asset you have!

Considering content curation is simply a 'process' where people gather information instead of creating something original, how does this benefit readers? Well as our conversation mentioned above due to the relentless publication efforts of people world wide, readers quite often suffer from information overload! In the vast majority of cases people simply want to gain a better understanding of content already available! The curation process involves 'reusing' content in a way that is of clear benefit to both the publisher and viewer alike, as the 3 ways discussed above explain! In this way curating content is much like 'going green' online since it helps minimize information overload by making better use of what already exists! It cuts down on the clutter while also giving people a better understanding of what is already available to them!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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