Whenever we talk about listening music, preference wise apps like Spotify always comes at the top. And it provides artists a huge platform to showcase and promote their content and derive monetary benefit from it.

The most important thing which makes a platform huge, are its fans.

Spotify followers are much like YouTube subscribers or TikTok followers. It's like a long-term support in you from the followers'/subscribers' side to the artist. Being the data-moved set up that Spotify is, the artist's content will show up rapidly in that follower's home or browser page, notifications, daily mixes, radio stations etc. It will affect all the algorithms, thus promoting the artist's content at a larger scale.

The amount of followers affects the music career of the artist in many ways

Social media platforms are very useful for the promotional process.

Presence in other social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat plays an important role. The artist can promote their content on their social media handles. They can share Spotify links in their feeds among their followers and can upload videos of their music through YouTube among their subscribers and then enter the app sphere as it is more convenient for the listeners. By doing this the artist can get a considerable increase in followers as the traffic shifts from their handles to Spotify.

You get paid for each number of plays. The platform pays the artist according to the number of plays he/she has on their list. And more the number of followers, more the number of Spotify plays and more the money. It is an absolute win.

With a considerable number of followers, the artist will be able to derive a good amount of monetary benefit. This whole shift in traffic and marketing works best for independent artists who are looking for a strong and steady hold in the music industry. Spotify gives a kick start to such artists.

Buying Spotify Plays

This whole concept of buying Spotify plays has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. Artists and sellers often seem to be collaborating to curate their packages.

Having more Spotify plays is a win-win situation because Spotify plays will provide the listeners with choices in choosing the artist's tracks over others. It also improves the overall exquisiteness of the artist's Spotify profile.

Artists can promote their Spotify plays on their social media handles and that will direct the traffic towards the artist's profile naturally. A larger number of Spotify plays will give new listeners a sense of confidence as listeners in the past have liked the content of the artist.

In the end, we can conclude that having many followers helps you much in promoting your tracks, and driving traffic from your social media to your Spotify profile naturally. A growing number of your regular listeners generates more traffic and increases the number of plays. The artist for that matter will have to update their content regularly and be consistent.

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