Now a day, People are very conscious of the growing importance of on line media in their life for their various purposes. The platform of the internet has become so strong none can deny the importance of it. Undoubtedly, this medium made both our professional and personal life working very convenient and easy. It meet up our various desires of everyday life in different ways like by providing us information on various subjects, checking or receiving and sending mails, increasing our skilled networks and our business on-line, watching movies, enjoying games , making friends and getting news regarding the main happenings of our town and lots of more.
But there are many people who are still far behind. They are not much aware about this technology based media and therefore they might not access to the net technology for his or her information needs. So, for them newspaper is the most effective source of information, because there are many problems that don't seem to be address by the TV as they cover news on the national and international issues on larger scale. At has been seen that gradually the importance of print media is decreasing in the main cities due to rapid change and growth of technology and digitalization, to fulfill their information and current news need people now mostly depend on the digital media over the printed media i.e., newspapers .
However, in the remote areas and villages, people are depending on some traditional Bangla newspapers to satisfy the specific news and information necessities of the local people. These traditional Bangladeshi newspapers are still operating focusing news regarding a particular area and people of that area in mind. These traditional Bangladeshi newspapers give value of the particular topic linked news that is necessity of people and that will be not cover by TV or internet media.
Area related news is not published in the digital media that is the main drawback with the digital media; instead they are more attention with the national or international news. In this situation people who are searching for their own area news failed to meet their requirement. On the other hand, a variety of news and updated activities regarding particular area is regularly published in the traditional newspapers or the printed media. It helps people by giving them information on various problems, which encourage them to participate in the area development in their particular area by giving choices in decisions making and opinion affecting the expansion of their area. The traditional newspapers keep people updated on the different activities going on a particular area.
The traditional newspapers meat the particular news necessities of various classes and make them informed about the ongoing state of affairs of their area in order that they will effectively participate in its development.

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