Finding something to blog about is probably the single biggest challenge facing most site administrators! Developing fresh content for your blog readers often becomes more difficult over time due primarily to a lack of ideas! Let's face it the more you write the less you may find there is to write about and in these cases what do you do?

Here's a simple strategy you can use to develop fresh content for visitors that doesn't 'challenge' your creative genius!

What's On Your Mind

Although we need to focus on the interests of your blog readers sharing with them your own concerns gives them a little insight about you! In most cases it is safe to assume that loyal visitors can develop an interest in the site administrators of blogs they frequent regularly! Remember time breeds familiarity and even curiosity, so don't be shy in sharing your concerns provided they are in someway relevant to blogging! You can easily write about your occasional frustrations in trying to develop fresh content or even the more 'technical' aspects involved with operating a blogging platform! Throw in a little humor, sarcasm or insight and you've got the makings for a great post!

Why Is It Important

When sharing with blog readers what it is that has you concerned, frustrated or confused, you need to make clear as to why it's important! Many site administrators deal with many 'problems' or encounter obstacles with which they are very familiar but do NOT assume readers can appreciate the relevancy! It is up to you to make clear why what is of concern to you matters, and how it relates, however indirectly, to your readers as well!

How Do You Plan to Address Issue

Fresh content is great to offer visitors when blogging, but it is even better when it is of use to the people who read your posts! Any time you 'elect' to share any concerns or obstacles you face it is always important to also present how you plan to 'solve' your dilemma! Whenever you can successfully do this you have something of value and visitors will appreciate it!

It is not at all unusual to find it difficult trying find something to blog about as even the most seasoned site administrators will admit! Trying to keep a steady flow of fresh content your blog readers will enjoy and appreciate can be quite a challenge the longer you find yourself blogging! Quite simply developing new ideas focusing on the interest of your visitors is tougher over time because your creativity tends to run out! On the other hand sharing with blog readers the occasional concerns you encounter as a blogger, and walking them through your thought process, can in fact be of interest to them! The strategy suggested above can actually target the source of any writing difficulties you may have and end up making for intriguing and/or fresh content to those who land on your site! It only makes sense that if your concerns are relevant to your blogging, people will share these concerns and even suggest solutions!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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