There are many hosting sites that will promise you lots of benefits which they will never fulfill. Getting a professional webhosting is a very important decision you will have to make if you want the best for your site. It is more like investing in real estate; it is a very big deal that you must not joke with. Getting the perfect hosting site is by all means the most important decision you can ever make. Without a reliable webhosting even the most well-designed websites cannot work. A good web hosting site will give you perfect control over the data on your web, the security of your website should be your optimum desire. Apart from security and proper performance of your website, a good webhosting will also help you with the driving of the well required traffics.

eWebGuru windows VPS hosting is simply the best for you if and only if you want the best for your website. This article will open your eyes to the reasons why you should choose eWebGuru Windows VPS for your webhosting need, I have been using them for a long time and I have never in any day stop to regret it.

eWebGuruu is one of the leading and oldest Windows VPS hosting providers in India. They have been providing Windows VPS hosting services since 2007. They have highly experience team of professionals, who keep your Windows VPS optimized and up 24x7. eWebGuru is one of the most popular hosting company in India especially amongst the technical and web development community. eWebGuru is currently providing hosting services to more than 1.5 million websites. They are a company setup for the betterment of your websites and to give you the best even at a very cheap price.

At eWebGuru, they have more than five Windows VPS hosting plans for you with each one exhibiting qualities that make their service to standout.

At eWebGuru we provide you with the opportunity to perform mass emailing, if you like to advertise through emails and or you have a robust mailing list, you will want to make use of our Windows VPS. The reason is that shared and reseller plans limit each domain name to sending 500 emails per hour but with our Windows VPS you can send more than 500 emails per hour.

Custom installation: Their Windows VPS service is the best if you want to perform custom installation, they allow you to customize a custom hosting environment and if you want to make any form of installation they can easily get it done for you.

High performance: at eWebGuru their Windows VPS also have very high performance, as you’re guaranteed a certain amount of server resources. They can guarantee you a high speed and a smooth ride, there is no lagging or slow connection. They offer very fast and reliable Windows VPS service.

High security: Their Windows VPS is highly secure, at eWebGuru they understand the importance of web security and they will grant you a perfectly secured webhosting has always been their priority. Their Windows VPS hosting is so secure and you can be rest assured that the security of your website is not under threat and it can never be under threat. I hope you will make the right decision today and you will switch over to eWebGuru Windows VPS. They have never disappointed me and I am sure they cannot disappoint you.

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