Imagine, when oceans can be rose to heights by the gravitational pull of the moon, what impact the celestial bodies will have in our life. The gravitational force of Mars ensures that all comets approaching earth are diverted towards the red planet. So, the red planet is protecting the people on earth from all space onslaughts. Therefore, Mars in astrology is aptly named as 'Mangal' meaning wellbeing.

Confused! How to decode?
Though the way to decode is scientific, the solution is simple. You just need to visit the best astrologer in India. Get your birth chart cast by him or her and understand your planet's influence in your life. To cast a horoscope one needs to provide the astrologer with the following info:

Date of Birth
Time of Birth
Place of Birth

Note: Accuracy of information in regard to 'date of birth, time of birth and place of birth' is a must. Inaccuracy in the information of birth details will lead to casting of the wrong birth charts and thereby planets' message to you will be misinterpreted.

Why astrologer in India?
The writer of the article is not regional biased; the author wants to convey the truth. Nadi Astrology was born in India and the great saints of 'Golden Age' drafted the volume of this sacred science.

Nadi Astrologer in India can give you a real insight into your birth chart. It helps in delineating the future of native, defining the mistakes of past, and remedies to improve your present. The mapping of stars will give glimpses into your life's events, relationship aspects, personal well being, wealth ratio, status in society, development phases, challenges, gifts of destiny, and ways to improve your overall luck. Thus, to ensure the accuracy of reading one needs to visit a highly skilled astrologer in India.

Benefits of Consulting a Best Astrologer in India:
Apart from the benefits, one should also look forward to realizing the goals of soul in this lifetime and how to improve one's own karma.

Get to know yourself in broad terms and your place in the world. This will help you to know how the world perceives you, how you perceive the world, and other do's or don'ts.

A good astrologer will ensure that you learn about your strengths, skills, and talents. Yes, we all are talented and possess a certain skill. We need to recognize them and harness them for our betterment.

You can peep into your psychological challenges and understand the ways to deal with it

Chart reading by best astrologer in India can provide detailed suggestions on life development patterns and the best time to make those decisions

One can also unlock their life purpose and the direction to follow as per horoscope reading

Discover the tough phase of your life, unmask any crisis period that can hit you amid your best days and check out your next opportunities

The astrologers will also you to develop a clear mindset for different aspects of your life. Giving more meaning to your life and purpose

One gets a glance of one's potential, significant inclinations, possibilities, struggles to face, and overall life journey

Birth chart reading by an astrologer is an act of understanding what the universe has in store for you and how to unlock it.

In conclusion, one can say that to visit the best astrologer in India is an act of healing and adopting a holistic approach towards life.

Author's Bio: 

Sri Tulasi is a professional astrologer, life coach and member of the Indian Astrologers Council. She has more than 15 years of practical experience in astrology. She is a regular columnist in many leading newspapers in India.