With the rising trend of foreign education among Indian students in the recent years, there has been a major efflux of aspiring candidates into top overseas education destinations such as the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, etc. The US, in particular has been a hotspot for students looking for undergraduate and graduate programs in most of the popular disciplines such as computer science, public health, data analytics, engineering, architecture, etc. The US is well known, not only for its high quality research and educational standards, but also for the abundant teaching assistantships and other on-campus opportunities for International students.
Owing to this increased frequency of student efflux in the US, parents of new aspirants make the mistake of not paying enough attention to details while they prepare for their child’s overseas journey. This often results in minor to major mistakes during application, or worse, during Student Visa USA application. Even a minor mistake during the visa process, for example, can lead to delays or even visa rejection, which would ultimately lead to the loss of opportunity for the student. It is hence advised that the student must get expert assistance from those who have are familiar with the process and have already guided many students before. Getting help from overseas education consultants comes with a lot of benefits and that too at little to no cost. Read on to find out the various advantages of consulting these experts.
1. Standardized Test Coaching
To get into English speaking countries like the US, UK, Canada, Australia, there is a specified English Proficiency test requirement for exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc. For a lot of management programs GMAT scores must be up to the mark and for securing a seat at a lot of Master’s programs, the specified GRE score is an essential. Top study-abroad consultants help students in the test coaching procedure and provide any extra guidance that students may need. Mock test are conducted which simulate the exam atmosphere.
2. University & Program Shortlisting
Finding the best University and course can be a huge challenge for the student, especially in a country such as the US which has more than 4000 Universities, colleges and community colleges offering higher education at undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate levels. Getting the right fit according to his/her profile thus becomes a challenge for the student. For example, the student may apply to a lower ranked institution when there are options of higher ranked universities available. Study-abroad consultants, on the other hand are well informed about Universities and programs at all levels, especially for a prestigious study destination like the US. The consultants have specialized tools to shortlist Universities and programs tailored to a student’s profile. Various factors are taken into consideration by the counsellors such as the finances involved, student’s academics, backlogs, test scores, preferred location, etc. before the counsellor suggests likely options for the student. These shortlisted options, being tailored according to the student’s profile turn out to be the perfect fit.
3. Free Services
The most important highlight of getting assistance from top companies in the overseas education sector is that they have tie-ups with some of the best Universities in multiple study abroad destinations. When a student wishes to apply to the partner universities, then he/she is eligible to avail all their expert services for free. No consulting charges are levied on the student. Thus the student gets all the specialized guidance and doesn’t have to spend any additional amount on it.

4. End to end Education Loan Assistance
Getting an education loan for studying abroad can be tricky, since different countries have their own set of financial requirements. Taking specialized care of individual student cases, the expert Education Loan Advisors employed by overseas education consultants get the best loan offers for the students from a huge choice of financial institutions. Other factors that are taken care of include; proof of funds, examination of property papers, negotiation to ensure the lowest rate of interest, etc.
5. Visa Assistance
Study-abroad consultants help in ensuring that the USA Study Visa Requirements are followed since they have had ample experience with countless students in the past and are well aware of what the visa authorities look for. Conducting mock visa interviews is also a service that is provided to ensure that the student remains confident and answers the consular officer without hesitation during the actual visa interview.
6. Pre-departure Briefing
Study-abroad consultants also conduct sessions of pre-departure talks where the students are instructed in detail about the dos and don’ts in their country of study. All the tips that would make the student’s life easier in their country of study are told to them. Previous students who have studied in the same overseas destination are called upon to advise the students. This proves to be highly useful in adjusting to the new life in a foreign land.
7. Other Benefits
Overseas study consultants can also help students with various other aspects involved such as Forex card, International student SIM card, travel and health insurance, etc. Information is also provided on scholarship opportunities, part-time work options, post-study work visa etc.

Krishna Consultants is a premier organization dedicated to meet all the study-abroad requirements of students. With over 20 years of experience at sending students abroad for higher studies, the organization has a dedicated team to take care of all the student needs for studying abroad right from country and program shortlisting to Student Visa Requirements and even overseas education loans. You may get in touch with them to get the answers to all your questions about overseas study and get the best services under a single banner.

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