Many business owners do not have the idea of what Magento is or they may just understand that Magento is the most preferred platforms for any ecommerce business websites. But what exactly is Magento?
Magento is an open source platform for ecommerce business that helps you advertise and manage the products via shopping cart pattern. Well, when you think of hiring a Magento developer to develop shopping cart websites for your ecommerce business, make sure that you hire a certified Magento ecommerce developer only.
The certification is given to expert Magento developers only for which they have to pass rigorous testing. When a Magento developer gets the certificate it means he/she has passed the exam and understands the theme and aspects of Magento really well and can adopt best practices to make changes to the user interface.
Now let us understand why you hire certified Magento developers to manage ecommerce websites

Aware of best practices
A Magento certified developer is aware of the right way to code as well as he/she has better understanding of best practices that needs to be used for creating a website. This means they can merge the right business practices with coding and design structure.
You will get well structured code and it accelerates the debugging process which saves times and offers a lot of benefits for your business.
Basically the reason for hiring the Magento certified developer is to get the best shopping cart online for your business. When you hire a professional Magento development company, they along with their team having Magento certification will make sure that they deliver a clean code structure with high security and simple upgrade for future.

Saves money

Well, you may think of hiring a freelancer than a Magento certified developer to save money, but if you think of the profits you get after hiring a certified Magento developer they will be far more convincing.

Build a websites that is SEO friendly

Not only a Magento Development Company helps build a website with better UX/UI but they will also be easily found on various popular search engines.

Magento certification is not just a certificate but it holds lot of importance in terms of credibility and experts and thus you will be able to have a fully optimized ecommerce business website when it is been built by certified Magento developer.

Why you need to Manage Magento Store on a Regular Basis?

It is important to manage Magento store on a regular basis. You need to host Magento with better hosting. It will help you choose the right settings needed for Magento that will directly improve the store performance and safeguard it from threats.

You need to look into the patches and identify the advices that you need to apply to the Magento store to protect it using the best practices. There can be chances that your Magento store gets in trap of unauthorized access so you need all security measures to protect the store.

How to manage ecommerce Online Store?

Let us learn how to manage your ecommerce online store effectively

Outsource the order management job to a reliable company that can help you in drop shipping. The drop shipper will take care of your inventory, postage as well as packaging which will reduce your burden.
Send out abandoned cart emails as it helps you remind your customers about the different items that are therein their shopping cart.
Incorporate helpdesk/live chat feature to help your customers reach you easily.
Use social media channels to build a healthy relationship with your customers

How to Choose Best Magento Developers to Manage Magento Website?

When you are hunting for the best ecommerce Solution in USA, UK, Canada, and Australia or anywhere across the world make sure you hire best magento ecommerce developer to fulfil your needs. To accomplish the task you need to hire certified Magento developers for your Magento website.

Many agencies in USA, UK, Canada, and Australia have tried a combination of Magento 1 ecommerce store and Magento 2 ecommerce store and it entirely depends on your business as which platform of Magento you choose for your ecommerce business depending on the product you want to launch.

While a many shoe, furniture, home ware, apparel retailers have chosen to use Magento 1 ecommerce store platform others retailers like electronics, watchmakers etc choose Magento 2 ecommerce store to build their ecommerce website.

A few business owners also try the fusion of both platforms for their ecommerce website. The only thing that matters irrespective of the platform you choose is how you manage your ecommerce magento store and hire the best and certified Magento developers to do the job.

Do not think about saving money by not hiring the certified developers for your Magento store else you may end up paying more in future.

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Magento is an open source platform for ecommerce business that helps you advertise and manage the products via shopping cart pattern.