Surviving without a sound knowledge of the current affairs is very difficult in today’s' times. Even if you manage to live a life, it is incomplete and very unsafe. You can easily become a prey to the ills prevailing in the society if you are not aware of what is happening around you. Especially in case of natural disasters, if you are unaware, you can face major devastations. For example, the major earthquake that stuck in Japan in 2011, had the news not been circulated within seconds, the victim would have never achieved proper aid. Also, it helped the surrounding areas to vacate the dangerous areas. Current affairs not only make us aware but also help to revive the spirit of humanity and brotherhood which has been long lost.
How do we stay connected to somebody living in another corner of the world? How do we ge to know the political environment in that country and ensure the safety of our loved ones? the only medium is through spread of current affairs with the help of media. Today, there are various mediums to access current affairs taking place around us. Earlier, radio was the most preferred option but now, it has given way to much easier and feasible options such as newspapers and televisions which capture all the major events of the world. You can also catch on information through internet or read a quiz book of 2011, which would include all major information of different areas that took place in 2011. There are numerous options to gain information but the question is, are we ready to stay connected to the real world? We cannot live in an unreal world thinking we are safe, because we are not. Every important information or incident affects our lives and it is better if we stay aware and prepare ourselves for the worst to come or become a part of a celebration.

Thus, try to stay as close to the Current affairs as possible. You would feel like a more intellectual being having worldly knowledge. Your perception of the world would broaden and your vision would become much clearer.

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