At some point or the other we all have got the messages to upgrade operating systems, software applications or software suites isn’t? Yes the manufacturers of the software after a period of time come up with latest upgrade of the software to enhance the software experience and help you keep yourself updates with the latest developments.

Magento is one of such leading platforms also upgraded its version to Magento 2 so that it can meet the needs of users in the future. The Magento certified developer were quite excited to unleash the improved features that came into existence after Magento migration services

What is Magento Migration?

Data migration is crucial factor that needs to be considered to carry out the successful migration of any online store and certainly the process can be carried out only with the help of Magento certified developer as they know their job well.
When you hire professional Magento Migration Services to do the job you are rest assured that advanced technologies are used for data migration to your Magento store. They take back-up of current ecommerce website.

How to migrate eCommerce Website to Magento 2?

Let us learn how to migrate to Magento 2
Visit and download Magento 2 from here excluding the sample data.

Now fetch the downloaded data and follow the instructions as shown on the set up wizard to install the specific platform.

This will give you a complete Magento 2 setup that has empty database. The data is then migrated transmitted to its database that belongs to Magento instance.

Step 2

Download – data migration tool

In the root folder of your Magento 2 open – command line. Now download – data migration tool in new Magento 2 setup by typing in the below mentioned command

composer require magento/data-migration-tool:

Make sure that the version that you are using for data migration tool should be same as the Magento 2 codebase version.

To find out the version of Magento 2 you can search in the file – composer.json which exists in the root of Magento 2 directory.

Next you will get a message asking for both public and private key for verification.
In order to fetch the key values you need to sign in to your account on Once you are logged in just click- My accounts and then go to the menu towards left and click developers link and then click- security keys and you will easily find the keys.
Once you feed in the details you will see a new folder with the name data migration tool created in - /vendor/magento/

Step 3 - Configuring - Data Migration Tool
Step 4: Provide the necessary details
Step 5: Migrate Websites

How to find best Magento 2 Migration Service?

Magento is slowing conquering the heart of many business owners. It is certainly one of the reliable, dynamic platforms with plenty of features that can boost the conversion rate. If you want to make most of Magento then you need to upgrade Magento to its newest version.
When hiring any Magento Migration Services for the best Magento solution you need to consider some key aspects like

Look for a certified Magento developer only

Magento is a vast platform that needs skills. Thus make sure that you hire only a certified Magento developer only. It will give you a sense of security that the developer possesses the right and updated knowledge about Magento and they will use the latest Magento technology for your website. The developer will help you map your website properly so that you get increased conversion rates.

Look for a Magento developer with ample of work experience

It doesn’t end with just checking the certification as when you hire a Magento development company you also need to check if the developers are having work experience in developing Magento websites. As there are some Magento developers who may not possess certification but do have expertise due to their prior work experience.

This will prevent mistakes that take place while migration process is carried and also post migration. It directly will save cost and time for you.

Look for a Magento developer who provides pre and post Magento migration assistance

The developers should provide pre and post Magento migration assistance so that they can suggest the necessary changes during the process.

Identify the budget

It is important for you to figure out the cost for migration as it can certainly affect your budget. Check with the developer if he can give you a breakdown of the costs that you need to pay for Magento migration. Ask queries if you have after going through the billing details.

Ask about the time frame

The whole process of migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is a daunting task. A lot of Magento projects take as long as 6 months to complete so make sure you check with your developer about the time frame within which the project will be completed.

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At some point or the other we all have got the messages to upgrade operating systems, software applications or software suites isn’t?