As a bodybuilder, you'll see dozens if not hundreds of different diets and eating plans promoted. Arguably the best option out there, though, is the age-old idea of simply tracking your macros. Here are four of the reasons that tracking your macros is the best nutritional strategy for bodybuilding.

It's Incredibly Simple

Probably the strongest argument for macro tracking is the fact that it's simple and easy to do. Keeping your diet plan simple is one of the best ways to make sure you'll actually stick to it in the long run. Complexity is the enemy when it comes to habit forming, so selecting a simple, easy to follow eating strategy is a great way to get your bodybuilding off to a good start.

It Isn't Restrictive

One of the problems people run into when they choose strict eating plans is the fact that they can no longer enjoy many of their favorite foods. Tracking your macros, though, is essentially an eat anything diet. You'll still be able to enjoy treats, as long as you can make them work into your macro targets for the day. Macro tracking will obviously force you to enjoy some foods in moderation, but it won't rule them out altogether.

Macro Tracking Can Be Adjusted to Fit Any Goal

Another beauty of tracking your macros is that it's a versatile strategy. Whether you're bulking, cutting, or simply trying to maintain your current weight, tracking your macros will work for you. Adjustments will obviously have to be made to your macro ratios to fit each goal, but the strategy itself remains the same. Very few other eating plans can support all of your goals as a bodybuilder this well.

The Strategy Can Scale as You Bulk Up

As a bodybuilder, you'll gradually have to support more and more muscle with your diet. Luckily, macro tracking is a completely scalable eating strategy that can work well as your caloric needs slowly increase. As long as you're properly tracking your macros and fitting them to your current needs, you should continue to see success with this eating strategy.

As you can see, tracking your macros is the simplest, least restrictive and most versatile eating plan a bodybuilder can follow. By taking the guesswork out of eating, macro tracking lets you focus on your workouts. If you follow this eating framework, you should never have a hard time meeting your nutritional goals.

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