Traffic generation is crucial and is the foundation upon which most successful businesses online are built but it is not always enough! The fact is that for long term business success on the internet, it only starts with the traffic you generate! When visitors land on your website or blog it is foolish to believe these people are simply looking for a place to spend their money! Once people arrive at your site is when you start to take the necessary measures needed to grow your business online!

Here is the 3 step process that will be wise for you to take with every new visitor to your site in order for you to build long term business success online!

Relationships Must Be Forged

Generating traffic is an absolute necessity when trying to grow your business online but it is what you do with it that will determine your profitability! Remember that anybody who turns up at your site is as much a stranger to you as you are to them! It is important to make them feel both welcomed and comfortable or most likely they will not return! Online the best way to accomplish this is by being helpful and avoiding the temptation to smother these people with promotional pitches! Since you already know what they're interested in it is suggested to offer them free advice or related information about these interests! This 'first' step may seem boring and unproductive from a profit standpoint but it is very significant in helping you build long term business success!

Trust Must Be Earned

Patience in building a comfortable relationship with website visitors along with your willingness to offer useful information will help you earn their trust! This is crucial since ultimately you'll be making some type of product offering and if you are deemed trustworthy they will be much more incline to accept your offer! Furthermore the trust you have earned, as long as it is maintained, can easily translate into loyalty as well! This is something that will be integral to long term business growth since these people have the potential of being repeat customers down the line!

Promote In Moderation

Remember that you have developed a comfortable relationship with your site visitors by being helpful and NOT flooding them with sales pitches. Well as the saying goes 'if it ain't broke don't fix it' therefore it only makes sense to maintain this same approach! Avoid the temptation of increasing your promotional efforts but rather focus more on simply managing your relationships! Realize that you have now capture not only the attention of these people but most importantly, their favor as well! There will be many opportunities for selling to them in the future provided you maintain good relations! This type of patience is the primary reason for the growth of many successful businesses online!

Although traffic generation is a must and a common variable to any of the successful businesses found online it's not a guarantee sales will be made! The fact is that long term business success only begins with a series of actions that are started by attracting any new visitors to your site! These people by virtue of simply landing on your sales page will NOT put you into profit but rather it is the 3 step process recommended above that will get you the sale! By earnestly and convincingly connecting with any new traffic you may have generated is ultimately the best way for you to grow your business! Having expectations that literal 'strangers' will want to spend money with you is unrealistic but rather it is relationships that make for successful businesses!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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