One of the main reasons to travel is to get a kick start on the hunting season. Getting an early start is particularly appealing to waterfowl hunters who might not see birds for months after seasons are underway in northern states of US.A truly passionate hunter could follow the migration to Texas where they can hunt ducks until January 27th of next year. If done correctly this could turn the regular duck season into a long chase spanning every latitude of our nation.

Hunting Season

Alas, most have responsibilities which would prevent such an exciting trip. So maybe the average hunter is more apt to take a short trip to hunt with friends and family. Many states have licenses designed for this such as a 3-day Non-Resident Hunting License in South Carolina, or the Come Home to Hunt license in Montana.

When you are ready to take a trip to a different area, start and end your trip with FarWide. Pick your new state, pick your species and then dig into the regs. Every state in FarWide’s database has non-resident hunting licenses. These licenses are often more expensive and limited in season dates or draw odds than resident licenses.

Use FarWide to figure out what dates you can hunt, what licenses you need, and where you can access public or private land. Check out this blog to know more “Why Travel to Hunt?“.

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