Detoxification Diets, based on a strict intake of raw juice products, are recommended for cleansing once every season since the symptoms of a toxic system are serious, and quietly debilitating. Cleansing encourages those toxins to leave the body, which can breathe new life into cells and rejuvenate every system in the body. Detox diets, based on six servings of raw juice per day, should be conducted for three days at the beginning of each season and then again once a month, or as needed to maintain energy level, and tissue health.

Where Do Toxins Come From?

The world is full of pollutants and toxins that buildup in the body's tissues. Smog, food additives, chemical fertilizers, water purification chemicals and free radicals are constantly taken in and digested. There is no way to live in an environment that is completely free of toxins and disease pathogens, so we must instead find a way to cleanse the body of them.

What Are the Signs of a Toxic System

The signs of a toxic body include many very subtle but life altering issues. Symptoms include fatigue, weight control issues, digestive upset, constipation or diarrhea, cravings, addiction, recurrent headaches, mood swings, anxiety, depression, allergies, asthma, low resistance to disease, and dermatological issues. Physical symptoms to look for include dry skin, tooth decay, brittle nails, and lackluster hair.

Why Detoxify?

Exposure to toxins, and toxin intake, creates a buildup in the body. These dangerous compounds build up in the blood, liver, lungs, bowel, and numerous other tissues in the body over time. This toxicity leads to tissue inflammation and degeneration, eventually leading to disease.

Medical studies demonstrate that 95 percent of all degenerative diseases begin in the colon. So regularly cleansing the body, through the bowel, regenerates the system as a whole. Participating in regular detoxification increases the efficiency of all the body's organs, improves the immune system and provides additional energy and mental clarity. In addition, it decreases addictions and dependencies on caffeine, sugar, salt, tobacco, alcohol and more.

Detoxification allows the bowel to rest, so that it is more efficient at eliminating toxins in the future. By making the bowel more efficient, and eliminating addictions that introduce further toxins into the body, detoxification can not only eliminate past toxin exposures from the body, but can also limit future exposure and toxin buildup.

How Does It Work?

Raw juices are full of antioxidants that help draw toxins out of the tissues. After the toxins are released from body fat, and organ tissue, the loose radicals then bind with the fiber provided by the fruit to move out of the system.

Because the diet is predominantly liquid, the toxins are quickly flushed from the system. After toxins are removed, the final days of the flush simply allow the bowel to rest, rejuvenate and recover. The raw juice is also extremely rich in nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that are essential to healthy body function. By increasing the nourishment cells receive during detoxification, the positive effect on the tissue is significantly increased.

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