I’ll come right out and say that this article is a bit more metaphysical than others I have written. That said, I can almost guarantee that you’re going to experience what I’m talking about in your own life — and that will make things very real!

Like it or not, we’re in a new era where the old rules of business and success no longer apply. Sounds negative, but the truth is you can now achieve success (however you define it) faster, more efficiently and for less cost than ever before. And this definitely applies to the concept of work/life balance, since swimming against the tide of the new era can be very detrimental to your own growth.
Okay, what does this all mean?

Let’s start with what money is. Money is actually neutral, something most people don’t understand. That’s means money itself has nothing to do with whether you have it or not — there are other factors going on. It also means money is not evil or bad as many people claim. After all, you can spend $1 on helping starving children in Africa or you can spend it on stock in a tobacco company. The $1 doesn’t change.
Throughout most of human history it was possible to manipulate money any way someone wanted without any ‘obvious’ consequences. The classic example is American slavery, THE most profitable industry throughout most of American history, yet clearly one of the most evil. Things like greed and power grabs were rewarded with financial gain, with morality and basic ethics taking a back seat. Of course, there were a lot of good things that money was put to use for, but overall both good and evil were able to coexist and thrive.

Or to put it another way, people were able to repress their flow, their true self, and pursue ventures that involved greed, immorality, degradation of others, and so on. All in the quest to have money.

Today, for the first time in human history, that paradigm is changing, REALLY changing. Humanity has reached a stage where it is sick of being sick, and all the old ways of approaching business and life in general truly are no longer relevant. That has a tremendous impact on how you will succeed in the word.

Money, while still neutral, now is being affected by both the universe and human energy. That means that money will only ‘function’ within situations that are in flow, in line with your core self and those of the parties you are working with. A lot of this will be subtle (‘evil’ transactions involving money will still occur) but it will still be there, meaning it is vital you understand you own flow as well as how it affects your life.

Which brings me to the point of this article. As first mentioned, a lot of this sounds metaphysical and ‘out there’. But you will soon see it in action. If you (and this applies to every human!) do not live your life in flow you will soon find money problems. It might be obvious ones (losing a job, failing to get a loan) or more indirect scenarios (simple transactions take longer to finalize, you can’t access your ATM). Things won’t be smooth, and this will seriously affect your work/life balance attempts.

If you live your life in flow, from your core self, you’ll see the opposite — things will happen faster, more efficiently, and with a lot less effort. It’s not only that money will be attracted to you (everyone’s dream since the dawn of humanity!) but that everything involving money will be seamless and simple.

Let me be clear, though. Bad things do happen from time to time, and just because you lose a job or can’t get a loan doesn’t mean you aren’t in flow. You will know the difference once you understand yourself.

Bottom line — Only if you understand what makes you successful, your flow, will you be able to succeed on all levels. The best news is it’s easy!!!!!

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In 2003 David Leigh Weber decided to found what would ultimately become Learn About Flow, an organization dedicated to empowering people to find their true selves, what makes them their most successful on every level. Since that time Learn About Flow has helped hundreds find the contentment and life purpose they had always dreamed of.

Today David is an author (My Life Has No Purpose!), sought after speaker, and evangelist for true mind-body-spirit wellness. He has a B.A. in English & History from the University of Rochester and an M.A. in Communications from the Newhouse School (Syracuse University). Originally from New England, David now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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