Forex trading psychology can lead to terrible encounter in the market if not managed properly. Read this article to know how.

Trading psychology, when referring to Forex, is the change in the trader’s perception that takes place when he or she becomes active in the market. Immediately the person discard demo account for live account, this change in perception begins. As usual, trading in the Forex market begins with a practice account. This give the trader amble opportunity to practice and learn trading concepts, gain confident and skills needed to trade and also devise his trading strategy. The prospective trader starts by using a practice account which is a virtual account i.e. have no real cash. It might seem very simple and easy to make money when using a practice account. However, when you start using a live account, this proves to be very challenging thus initiating several changes in your perception.

Effects of trading psychology

The Forex trading psychology has many effects on the traders participating in the market. The effect can impact on the trading either negatively or positively. This would greatly depend on the developments that took place immediately a trader start using a live account. A trader’s psychology will also change depending on whether he starts making profits or losses. The major effect of trading psychology is how the trader makes his judgement on the trading. In this case, he can develop either fear or greed emotions. The fear emotion, if developed makes the trader to avoid opening the trades even when the opportunities arise. The fear emotion also causes the trader to close trades prematurely. On the other hand, the greed emotion would make the trader initiate many trades even where there are high risks.

Emotional problems generated by trading psychology

As said above, trading psychology generates two kinds of emotion; the fear or greed. All these emotions are destructive and can lead to massive losses and bad experience in the Forex market if not corrected immediately. The fear factor would prevent a trader from opening a position when the opportunity arise leading to low profitability. In addition, the trader would fear closing an open trade even when the market is worsening. Greed emotions on the other hand persuade a trader to initiate several trades even when the market is shaky and less profitable. This can leads to massive loses and a bad experience in the market.

How to control and beat emotions

Because emotions are bad, they should be controlled. Controlling trade emotions is the first thing a trader needs to do if he has to remain profitable in the market. Do not let your emotion take over you while trading Forex. The best way to combat these emotions generated by trading psychology is to use trading plans. Make your trading plan and stick to it all the time and your emotion will not take of your. Also use risk management tools and you will be on the better side.


There are many problems caused by trading psychology and they are affecting many traders in the Forex market. Inexperienced and new traders are the worst affected lots in the Forex market. The problem with psychology if you let it develop is that it leads to low profitability and losses. This problem is very detrimental and makes a trader have bad experience in the market. Ensure that you put your emotions under control so as to avoid this and remain profitable in the market.

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