The balance board is a fitness piece of equipment that offers a fun way to train your balance. It also improves your motor coordination skills, and it strengthens your core. It has also shown to calm and relax the person after a session.

It was originally created for skiers and surfers so they can practice their skills during the off-season. It is today used in fitness training and in therapeutic settings (knee rehabilitation, children with developmental disorders, proprioceptive training). Athletes continue to use it to improve their performances.

You can easily acquire a balance board to exercise at home. It offers a fun way to strengthen your balance and your core. The difficulty depends on the type of board you are using. Some of them are very easy to practice on. Little kids and elderly people can use them safely. While other balance boards are much more challenging and require great skills.

There are 4 types of balance boards.
Rocker Boards (easy)
It improves static balance and is an easy way to start

Rocker-roller Boards (medium to hard)
More challenging, they improve dynamic balance.

Wobble Boards (medium)
They offer a good comprise between the rocker boards (easy) and the other boards with un-attached fulcrums (the rocker-roller and the sphere-and-ring boards).

Sphere-and-ring Boards (medium to hard)
The base is un-attached and the board can move in all direction making these types of balance boards the most challenging ones.

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