In these tough economic times, businesses are looking for ways to cut costs or ways to keep running their businesses with a limited staff. Virtual Assistants cost approximately 40% less than using a full-time employee. Virtual Assistants pay for their own taxes, insurance, provide their own equipment and work from their own office.

Virtual Human Resources Assistants work well with:

* Staffing Agencies
* Independent Recruiters
* Small business Owners
* HR Consultants
* Career Coaches
* Resume Writers

A Virtual HR Assistant can help with the following services:

* Job Postings
* Pre-screening Resumes
* Initial Phone Interview
* Candidate follow-up
* Candidate correspondence
* Travel arrangements
* Background/Reference Checks
* Scheduling Interviews
* Offer/Rejection Letters
* Performance Appraisals
* Job Descriptions
* Benefit Enrollment
* Policies and Procedures Manuals
* Training Manuals

They can also help you to increase your online presence

* Set up and manage your social media accounts
* Increase online presence through link building/article and press release submission
* Write edit and submit articles/blogs/press releases to the most popular directories
* Tweet open job requisitions
* Build your email list quickly and effectively
* Create and manage your ezine

Virtual HR Assistants are perfect for Businesses and Solopreneurs that:

* Need ongoing help but not on a full-time basis
* Need help with projects that occur at particular times of the year (Benefit enrollment performance appraisals)
* Are spending too much time on the administrative side of human resources
* Need to cut costs but still need some assistance.
* Have no experience with human resources and can't afford to a hire a full-time person

The Benefits of working with a Virtual Human Resources Assistant?

* They have a background in human resources so little training is involved
* They love what they do and are self starters
* They know where to post jobs and how to pre-screen the resumes received
* They know the laws of each state
* They have years of experience that can greatly benefit your business.

Outsourcing to a Virtual HR Assistant allows you to focus on your core business, while knowing the administrative side of the business is being taken care of.

Author's Bio: 

Gráinne Foley, is the owner of Foley’s Virtual Solutions, a Virtual Assistant company specializing in providing Online Marketing, Social Media and Staffing Solutions to HR Professionals and small businesses. We work with businesses to maximize their online potential.