During the winter months, snow can be a big problem for everyone. The roads get snowed on as well as the sidewalks and driveways, and throughout the duration of the winter, this can lead to a buildup of slick roads which is dangerous for all parties involved.

Snow removal services and snow removal companies like New Leaf Landscape Design and Maintenance are here to make sure that this doesn’t happen. Thanks to services like these, we can count on the roads being much safer to drive on.

● Safety Concerns with Snow and Ice Covered Services
Taking safety precautions when working with snow and ice covered surfaces cannot be understated. Safety is always the number one priority. As was stated previously, when snow is stuck to the ground for an extended period of time, it becomes slick, and this is a potential safety hazard for drivers on the road. If drivers are driving in unsafe conditions, there are bound to be wrecks. This is especially true on highways and interstates. In areas like this where there is a lot of traffic it is even more unsafe. The is a perfect example of why having Snow Removal Services and Snow Plow Services are so crucial to the function of society. It is also important to add that the removal of ice is just as important. This is why snow plow trucks drop a layer of ice melt. A chemical that allows for ice left behind to melt. In the past these trucks used salt to get rid of the ice, but this was found to be harmful to the underside of vehicles. So it was a general consensus that using a new chemical formula is a better idea.

● The Importance of Snow Removal
Snow Removal in this day and age is more important than ever. Without it there is a much greater potential for accidents to happen. Now while accidents do happen during the winter, it usually always happens when snow is fresh or right after a really cold night following a warmer day. This is where you get the infamous “black ice”. Snow Removal Services greatly reduce the likelihood of accidents happening. This is the reason why after a big snowfall the professionals go out with their big snow plows and get all of the snow out of the way. Snow plows are often blamed from holding up traffic. They tend to move quite slowly when they are plowing, but this is for good reason. They drive slow in order to have the most effective snow removal (as well as also driving slow in order to avoid an accident). Depending on where you live, the amount of times your roads will be plowed is solely based upon how much snow has fallen. If is it a greener year (meaning less snow), you may only see the plows come maybe once or twice. And they will only come if the snow has reached a certain depth. Typically anything more than 2 inches in less than a 24 hour period. If it is a white winter (more snow), then you may end up seeing the plows fairly often.

● Leave Snow Removal to the Professionals
Snow removal services on their own may seem like a pretty easy job, but don’t let that fool you. Snow removal services require professionals. It is always recommended that professionals handle the jobs that involve the interest of the town you live in. It is not a bad idea to clear sidewalks and driveways, but it is a good idea to leave the streets to the professionals. The streets being owned by the city makes this the best possible option.

● Are Landlords Responsible for Snow Removal Services?
Landlords are important members of society, and they are very helpful in times like winter where snow needs to be removed, but is the landlord entirely responsible? As a landlord it is not your responsibility to make sure that snow removal is done if you are renting out houses. Although, as the landlord, they are able to make the tenant responsible for their snow removal. This specifically pertains to the tenants of a house. If the tenants are living in an apartment, then it is the duty of the landlord, being that the apartment complex is owned by that landlord, therefore is it his or her property.

● Can Snow Removal Be Written Off?
Snow removal is a chore for everyone. Whether you are someone who has to remove the snow from their driveway or someone who works for the city removing the snow from all of the streets, it can be a pain. Not to worry though, if you are someone who owns a business that involves the removal of snow, your truck can be written as a tax write off. If you live in a area that receives a large amount of snowfall, this is great news. This will help you save a lot of money in the long run. For example: “You can take a mileage or actual expense deduction for the truck which would include depreciation, apportioned between business use and personal use. IF you use it 10% of the time for snow plowing, then you get to deduct 10% of the expenses and depreciation”(news.hamlethub.com).

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