The continued increase in energy consumption has an increasing negative impact on our environment; energy conservation is more important today than ever before.

Our natural resources are being depleted by power plants that use oil, coal, and other fossil fuels to produce electricity that we use in our home and different industries. Using eco-friendly products such as energy efficient appliances are great help to reduce the damage we are causing in our planet. Aside from the significant effect to our environment, energy efficient appliances also bring great value in your household.

Here are 5 reasons on why using energy efficient appliances is important.

  1. Saves Money. We usually check for the price when choosing appliances and often choose the cheaper ones thinking we are saving money. But in reality, appliances with high energy efficiency will save you more money as it can reduce your electricity usage which will eventually result in lower energy costs. Electricity bills are a big part of your recurring monthly expenses therefore reducing them is beneficial for your monthly budget allowing you to use the saved money for your other needs such as food, kid’s pocket money, or to add up on your savings to buy the couch you’ve been eyeing.
  2. Lower Energy Usage. These appliances complete the task more quickly than standard appliances resulting to lower energy usage. More than reducing the utility bills, saving energy is an important goal we all must be committed to as large percentage of electricity is generated by nonrenewable natural resources. Depletion of these natural resources may lead to a global crisis. Reducing electricity usage allows us to meet our power needs and reduce the impact on the environment.
  3. Environment-Friendly. The biggest significant factor of energy efficient appliances is they allow us to protect our environment from more damage. Aside from decreasing the depletion of natural resources, it also reduces pollution. The process of generating electricity involves burning of fossil fuels which releases air pollutants. Furthermore, the waste from the process of producing electricity finds its way into the soil and water making it one of the biggest factors on the world’s pollution.
  4. Offers Return on Investment. Energy Efficient appliances might be more expensive than conventional appliances but they allow you to save money which will more than compensate later for the money spent in buying the appliances. In addition, the savings will increase in the long run as energy prices may continue to rise.
  5. Better Living. When power plants burn fossil fuels, they release tiny particles that we can breathe and cause us serious health problems such as lung cancer, pulmonary disease, heart failure, stroke, asthma, and many others. Having a clean and green environment gives us peace of mind that we are not inhaling harmful chemicals and allows us to enjoy a relaxing and beautiful environment.

Every usage of electricity from power plants contribute to the excessive carbon dioxide and pollution in the planet apart from reducing your utility bills, I hope you are motivated to help conserve energy and protect our environment.

Author's Bio: 

Isabella Whitmore is environmentally conscious and likes to share information on how to reduce energy consumption to help protect the environment. She writes for an appliance website that offers energy efficient electric kettles.