Handmade soaps differ from commercially available mass-produced soaps in that it is made without machines. Ingredients are hand-mixed to get the final product. It is a cottage industry and so if we buy the handmade soap, it will benefit the handicraft industry in your region. That said, there are many other useful aspects of handmade soap. Here is a look at these points.

No harsh chemicals that damage skin

We see two kinds of chemicals in use for making Handmade Soaps India. One is parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, and similar chemicals. These make the soap to foam and preserve the soap for a long time on the shelves. But, they are harmful to the skin and might cause cancer. The second type belongs to the herbicide, pesticide, and fertilizer category. Read the label before you buy to see if there are chemicals like this.

All harm-free products

In making handmade soaps, no humans are harmed. They do not test the products on animals and no harmful effluents are released into the environment. This is one big advantage of using harm-free products. We know it is beneficial and has not caused any destruction of any kind anywhere.

Addition of essential oils

Since the soaps are handmade, we can add our own ingredients. Normally, they add essential oils that have health benefits. Common essential oils used include tea tree oil, vanilla essential oil, cinnamon essential oil, and Lavender Essential Oil.

Use of herbs for making handmade soaps

Herbs find a use in the manufacture of handmade soaps. The reason is that they have useful properties. They are antibacterial, skin-friendly, and help augment our health. We use many herbs for making handmade soaps such as lavender, chamomile, comfrey, lemon balm, and mint.

Sometimes, handmade soaps may have glycerin. This is not an ingredient added in the soap-making process but it gets produced during the manufacturing process. Glycerin attracts water and so this helps keep the skin moist.

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