TempGenius offers reliable vaccine monitoring systems, in various models. We manufacture temperature recorders that are essential for all the industries. Our products will meet the standards of the industries and keep the track of temperatures for all the appliances including vaccines.
Vaccine monitoring is one of the most necessities for the vaccine storage units, because their absence will not only have a fine on finances but at the same time on the lives of the people too. It is because as the changes will occur in the temperature either too high or too low, that effect can be observed directly on the vaccines. Some of the most used and important vaccines across the globe such as tuberculosis, BCG, influenza, PVR and others will be spoiled in case if they are stored in room temperature for more than 48 hours. In case if they are not stored in correct temperatures that means vaccine is not only getting degraded, but at the same time if without proper information it is given to a person than it can definitely cause a loss. So, even when the vaccines are transported there is need for temperature monitor systems.
Pharmaceutical compliance and regulations strictly demand for temperature recorder at the vaccine storage points. When vaccines are being shipped from one place to other throughout this shipping process, it is highly essential to maintain temperature monitoring systems. Pharmaceutical validations are needed to strictly execute in the transpiration of vaccines, because temperature will not remain constant in all the place and they vary from place to another. So, in order to keep the temperature at set standards temperature monitor are required. Thus, it will not give loss to any life even though the temperature raises or drops at any place throughout the shipping process.
In order not to take any risk, Center for Disease Control and Prevention has put some standards as well as regulations that are to be followed for Vaccines for Children. So, all the medical companies need to follow these regulations in the transportation of vaccines. The most important regulations from these are:
• High necessity of continuous monitoring of temperature through temperature recorder.
• All the data need to be backed up at any condition.
• Once vaccines are delivered, it will be the responsibility of the medical clinics to monitor the vaccine stock regularly.
So, it becomes the responsibility of the medical companies and hospitals to follow all these regulations without fail, otherwise it leads to loss of life. TempGenius manufactures temperature monitor systems, vaccine monitoring systems that will meet the requirements set by CDC or any other industry. Our prime aim to offer our clients reliable and affordable temperature recorder that is accurate to display the exact temperatures and data.

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