It’s never a bad time of year to stop smoking, but if giving up nicotine completely seems like a step too far for you, then vaping might be the perfect solution. Here are some reasons why.

You get a “cigarette-like” experience without the smoke

One of the reasons vaporizers and eliquids have been more successful than other forms of stop-smoking products is because they actually feel very similar to smoking. In particular, they give you something to do with your hands, plus you still get the fun of blowing “smoke” clouds, although technically they will be vape clouds.

You get much more control over the quantity of nicotine you consume

Even if you roll your own cigarettes, you’re still going to be stuck with the level of nicotine in the tobacco you use, so your only way to reduce the quantity of nicotine you consume is to smoke less. In principle, this is a great move (in fact not smoking at all is an even better one), but as any smoker will know, in practice it’s not so easy.

You can also buy “light” cigarettes, but again, you’re stuck with what the manufacturer decides is right and your only way to adjust how much nicotine you consume is to smoke less (or more if it’s not enough and hence inhale more harmful smoke).

With vaporizers and eliquids you can control the exact level of nicotine you consume and reduce it slowly to avoid triggering excessive cravings.

You can take as many or as few puffs as you like

In principle, you can smoke part of a cigarette and leave the rest for later, but in practice, the fact that you need to stub out a cigarette to carry it safely (plus it stays hot for a short while afterwards), means that this is rarely a practical option.

Most of the time, smokers will either finish a cigarette, even if they don’t really want to because they’re expensive and they want to avoid “wasting” them or just stub it out and throw it away (usually reluctantly because of the price).

>With a vaporizer, you just heat your eliquid, take as many (or as few) puffs as you feel you need and put it away again.

You smell better to non-smokers

It can be hard for smokers to appreciate just how bad they can smell to non-smokers. What’s worse is that smoke is relatively heavy and therefore it can easily sink into anything it touches, including your hair and clothes.

This means that you can carry the smell of tobacco around with you for hours after you smoke. In fact, if you smoke regularly you may never get rid of it completely, especially not around your home.

Vapour is much lighter and hence dissipates much more easily. This means it is much less likely to build up on your hair and clothes and much less likely to pollute the atmosphere in your home or car. This can make life a whole lot pleasanter for non-smokers and lead to less friction with them.

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