Vaping has seemingly taken over the world, with iconic clouds being blown every which way by people of all ages who have lovingly taken up the hobby. Despite the fact that Vaping is growing in popularity by the day, however, it still often gets a bad rap, especially when it comes to the health effects of vaping.

As a matter of fact, however, vaping can save your life, especially if it’s embraced instead of the much more harmful alternative of smoking traditional tobacco. Here are some of the reasons why vaping can save your life, and what you need to know about today’s hottest trend that’s only getting bigger.

A new way of smoking

For those who have lived under a rock for the past few years, the practice of vaping is as simple as using an e-cigarette or a similar device to inhale an aerosol, usually just called vapor or vape, before exhaling it in a fashion very similar to traditional smoking. There’s a key difference between vaping and smoking an ordinary tobacco cigarette, however; the aerosol you inhale and exhale when vaping is far different from tobacco smoke, and vastly healthier in many cases. Vaping is also incredibly diverse, with a myriad of devices and aerosols being made available to the public.

The flavored vape products that you’ve likely seen on shelves lately are incredibly popular because of the wide variety of taste that they offer to consumers. The rise of vaping can be tracked in a number of charts, and its historic and staggeringly impressive rate of growth is no doubt partly the responsibility of the many flavor mixtures that those who love to vape can get their hands on. More so than the fact that vaping flavored aerosols can be tasty and exciting, however, the fact that it’s by far a healthier alternative to traditional tobacco is what’s propelling vapes forward at a dizzying speed.

For older smokers in particular, the turn towards vaping could very well be something that drastically improves their health, so much so that it could be saving their lives. Older smokers, who may have been burning through a pack a day for years if they were heavily engaged in the habit, are slower to embrace vaping than younger ones but stand to benefit the most from it. This isn’t mere conjecture, either, but is derived from the fact that recent research is highlighting the benefits of vaping over smoking.

Researchers recently published information highlighting the amount of potential deaths in the United States that have been avoided by replacing traditional cigarettes with popular vaping devices, for instance. The study in question determined that replacing most cigarette smoking habits with e-cigarette vaping alternatives would “yield substantial life year gains,” even from the standpoint of a pessimist. Clearly, there’s something to be said for vaping when it comes to saving lives.

It’s only going to get better from here

The good news hasn’t even started yet, either. Not only is vaping likely a better alternative to traditional smoking that’s going to save countless lives in the near-future, it’s also set to get better and better as time goes on. Global market outlooks for the vaping industry are positive anywhere you look, meaning there’s going to be a huge influx of cash in the next few decades put towards innovations that will make vaping an even more affordable and safer habit.

As businesses pour huge sums of cash into vape products and better marketing techniques, we’ll see a broad switch in the public’s perception of tobacco and vaping products. While many still enjoy traditional tobacco cigarettes and cigars today, they’ll soon be a thing of the past when cheaper, more enjoyable, and vastly healthier alternatives like vapes take up just as much if not more space in the marketplace. This is good news all around, as everyone can get behind a reduction in the loss of human life regardless of their opinions on vaping.

If you’re someone who enjoys the experience or sensation associated with traditional smoking, but you’re afraid to make the shift to vaping, you should begin by reading up on the facts behind the world’s fastest growing trend. Like any market, vaping has some nefarious peddlers who will push you whatever they can in order to make a buck, but for the most part every legitimate product and service you find will be a potentially healthier alternative to your current daily tobacco regime. You should also understand that any product which contains nicotine, vape or otherwise, will still likely be addicting.

Vaping could be the tool that helps you quit your tobacco habit for good. More than being mere fun, vaping is coming to change lives around the world – indeed, it could even be saving them.

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Jeremiah Owyang is an internet entrepreneur and a social media advocate interested in peer-to-peer technology and the sharing economy.