Is this obsession with video marketing over-rated, or a fad?

The major search engines seem to love videos so much that you can automatically almost visualize money rolling through your bank account in no time at all. It appears as though anyone who is serious about making money on line is in, or would need to get into video marketing. Online video marketing appears to be able to get you what you came into internet marketing to do, earn lots of money !

Certainly, over the last few years the volume of interest shown in this particular type of marketing continues to be on the rise.

These technological innovations have become so extensive that it is safe to say that the majority of people who use the internet are doing so at a rate that is only fast enough to allow them to stream videos.

Look at Youtube and how phenomenally popular it has become. Video streaming is an everyday word now. While we should expect that this area will continue to evolve in its sophistication, it is expected that video marketing will become part and parcel of business in the future.

Why has video marketing become so popular, and effective?

Reason #1

In Dale Carnegie's classic "How to Win Friends and Influence People", you will know that the 'hows' of communication is just as vital as the 'whats'. We are all exposed to the various forms of mainstream communication like telephonic, email, text, and the traditional hand writing. I think we can all agree that face-to-face communication is far more comfortable, and more effective than any other communication vehicles outlined. That is the rudimentary basis of video marketing. While not precisely face to face, its as close as it gets. In general, we are wired in such a way that our instinctive preference is not only to listen, and read static alphabets, but to hear unadulterated voices, and read facial expressions besides just hearing the words. Video marketing provides that personal touch, that friendliness and human-ness. It is able to better convince a person of genuineness and appreciation, the passion and enthusiasm, and communicate to the other person that he/she is important!

Reason # 2

Video marketing engages and interacts. It increases response rates because the person feels like someone is addressing him and him only. That elevates the feeling of importance. Depending on the product or service on hand, the video marketer will be able to control the emotions, subtle or otherwise, communicate the situations that he/she has experienced to build the relationship with the prospect, or the indepth knowledge possessed, or the genuineness of the product or service being offered. Remember that everyone is self-interested. Video gives the advantage of gaining influence in a benign, and supportive way. A skilled video marketer has the opportunity to influence the response by engaging the audience through 3 out of the 5 senses, ie. through hearing, seeing, and in some ways touching.

Reason # 3

Our years of pre-conditioning with television has ingrained in us the absolute comfort of obtaining information and knowledge through video. There is no need to convey the same message through cumbersome text, but our pace of life has facilitated videos as a means to support our decision making processes which has to be short, sharp, sensationalized even. It is easier to figure out the message through the use of multiple sensory organs, and with the punchy, robust and perhaps even exaggerated manner in which the message is conveyed, which video marketing can easily facilitate the effectiveness of your promotion can be therefore enhanced.

So, why do you think the 'gurus' have resorted to online videos to market their wares? This is due to the undeniable fact that videos convert, and affiliates get hooked onto promoting them. And the ease of video marketing is linked to two keywords that I mentioned earlier - It engages, and interacts. It plays to 2 to 3 of our key sensory functions, our audio and visual, and in some ways as close to touch as we can get. We see and hear, and believe and act on more than when we read text. Moving images works on the mind better than static text.

Videos truly provide you with the opportunity to effectively engage with your target audience in a way that very few other marketing strategies can, and thankfully, even if you have never developed or produced a video before, it's very simple to get started. Did you know that you do not even need your own video camera to get started? If you are fearful, and that is an ordinary phenomena, it may be the result of a lack of understanding. However, with the advancement of technology comes the opportunity for you to overcome your fear, and with ease too. Videos can be made with a few clicks of the button. Gone are the days where high quality equipment, and complex processes are involved. Technology made sure of that.

Be honest here;

1. Wouldn't you want to be ahead of the game? In order to do that, you need to consider being in the game !

2. Wouldn't you like to be able to effectively leverage off the power of online video marketing.? Well, this is when you need to act, in spite of any fear and apprehension because of your lack of knowledge.

Absolutely without a doubt, video marketing is going to be the future of the internet business. My friends, if you are serious in either starting your own internet business, selling your products online, or even if you are an established internet marketer but have not ventured yet into video marketing, then it is a must for you to get started. For the absolute best, most effective, and comprehensive resource site which offers you top tips, resources, video instructions, tips, and even secrets to video marketing, I highly recommend you visit my site at Honestly, we need all the help we can get to succeed in our own ventures. Sign up for free and most valuable tips to maximize your success in your internet business!

Author's Bio: 

Jonas has a wide interest in a diverse set of topics from internet marketing, to leadership and self awareness, to music. A career professional, he is passionate in bringing value and making a difference in other people's lives. In this area of video marketing, Jonas firmly believes that it will pave the way to the future of internet marketing and substantially is key to internet marketing success.