Why Vitamins Are Important For Us [Explained]


Vitamins are important for us because they do vital tasks in our bodies every single day. There is a sharp line between having balance and having too many vitamins on a daily basis. Because eating too much might hurt your body, and a lack of vitamins can lead to certain deficiencies in our body. Balancing vitamins is important in order to get the full energy and pick performance every single day. Today we are going to explore how these vitamins are important for us and why we should eat them on a daily basis.


Role of Vitamins in Human Body


Every day we as humans need to complete a variety of tasks. These tasks need energy, whether we feed our body or stay hungry our body needs the energy to work efficiently to complete everyday activities. Vitamins are important nutrients like fats and carbohydrates but needed in much smaller quantities as compared to other nutrients.


Cell Reproduction


Cell reproduction is the method by which cells separate to form new cells. Each time a cell separates, it makes a copy of all of its chromosomes, which are closely coiled strands of DNA, the genetic material that holds the data for all life, and sends an identical copy to the new cell that is created.




Growth is important and the continuous process of human body vitamins plays a vital role in making the human body grow to the optimum level.


 Processing of Energy in Cells


Through the system of cellular respiration, the energy in food is transformed into energy that can be consumed by the body's cells.


Similarly, cellular respiration, glucose, and oxygen are converted into carbon dioxide and water, and the energy is converted to ATP.


Daily Source of Vitamins


There are thirteen types of vitamins that the human body requires to perform at a pick or at an optimum level. If you consume vitamins rich food and drinks you might already be getting a sufficient amount of vitamins you needed on a daily basis. However if you are prohibited by a doctor that you cannot eat certain foods, still you need some specific multi-vitamins or food supplements to fulfill the gap in your daily consumption of important nutrients.




As explained above there are 13 types of vitamins which the human body needed to perform at an optimum level, however, some special vitamins might help us in curing or fighting the specific diseases or medical conditions. Vitamin B17 is one of those Special Vitamins which cannot be left behind when it comes to the explanation of important vitamins.  Health experts say that cancer was caused because you didn't have enough "vitamin B17." But there's no proof that amygdalin acts like a vitamin in your body or that you even need it. Calling it a vitamin is a way to get around regulations for drugs.

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