A cheating wife will always leave you with many questions as to why the affair happened in the first place.

Most of the time the affected spouse blames him or herself for the cheating, believing things like: I'm not good enough, I'm too fat, I'm boring, etc. Yet the truth of the matter is that there is much more to cheating than you.

After all, if it takes two to tango it certainly takes two to cheat.
So if it Wasn't My Fault, Why Did She Cheat?

Some people have physical dependencies on sex, which means they are no different than the addict that shoots up heroin. It sounds harsh, but it's true.

There have been people that are madly in love with their spouses, but their physical dependency on sex forces them to cheat, especially as soon as things in your marriage may start getting stale. Obviously, this does not excuse the cheating spouse, but it does give you a bit more insight on the why.

Can you really blame the heroin junky for doing heroin even after he or she claimed they will never touch the stuff again?

Well you could, but not the same way you could someone who's never touched the drug before.

An addiction is something very difficult to overcome and it is very necessary that people in this position seek out professional help...Marriage counseling is probably in order, at the very least.
Yet not every person is addicted to sex, which means there must be other reasons as to why your wife would cheat on you. It is far less common for a woman to cheat on a man, yet it is not unheard of.

Is Emotional Distance the Reason For Her Affair?
We all know that the physical and mental make-up between men and women are completely different. Men and woman have different needs physically, emotionally and spiritually.

So what does this have to do with you?
Well, many times one of the main reasons people cheat is because they do not fill their deep needs with the person they are in a relationship with, and thus seek to fill it somewhere else.
In other words, the main reason woman cheat on men is due to emotional distance.

For example:
•From a man's perspective - A brief talk with his wife over a steak dinner followed by sex and sleep may be quite the fulfilling night.
•From a woman's perspective - The same exact scene for a woman may be seen as emotionally lackluster...She wants to go out, have intimacy outside the bedroom, and needs genuine adoration to get that same satisfaction.
Basically, a much deeper emotional interaction is required. Many men are completely ignorant to the emotional needs of woman, and thus indirectly "push" their wives to seek the emotional comfort somewhere else.

Did Fading Communication Lead Your Wife to Cheat?
Secondly, due to a lack of interest or communication many people begin to shift away from the relationship.

The more miscommunication there is between you and your wife, the greater the chances of her running off with a regular Don Juan. This doesn't mean that she "loves" the person; she just found something that you did not offer her and gave into temptation, and it's probably a sense of appreciation.

Are You and Your Wife Total Opposites?
Many times people are so different that they think opposites attract and go for a full-on relationship.

The truth is that even though you may differ from your spouse, you must always have fundamental common grounds to build a relationship. Opposites might attract, but that is in the case of magnets.

Oil and water do not mix, which means if you do not have at least something significant in common, you may be temporarily captivated by the fact that you are so different, but in the end your relationship will fail due to the differences between you and your spouse.

Have You and Your Wife Grown Apart?
Finally, people do change and grow, and sometimes people grow apart.
A relationship is something that needs to be cultivated and cared for. If you as person grow and your spouse doesn't, the distance becomes too great and ultimately the relationship may fail. Thus it is important to experience new things with your wife, to create new memories and to be involved in each others lives.

The lack of this is the main reason why spouses cheat on spouses. The exact reason YOUR wife cheated on you will most probably be a combination of what was stated above.
Having said that, if you truly do love each other, love will overcome all in the end. But that's up to you from here.

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