Patience is key when it comes to goal setting. Unfortunately many set goals only to give up on them before they start seeing results. It is amazing how many people start a new business venture or weight loss program only to give up in the first week. The main culprit is patience. We talk to a friend, parent or spouse about this new goal and they tell us you can’t do that.

At first we want to prove them wrong, but after a couple days we lose patience and give up and assume they were right.

Here is how to conquer that evil patience enemy and achieve your goals.

#1 Realize Goals Take Time

How many times have you listened to some successful person talk about how easy it was to earn money with their business? Do they talk about the 10 businesses that failed? Do they talk about the long hours of reading and working? No. Why don’t they talk about the difficulties? It is very easy. They are trying to sell their book or program to you.

Do you honestly think they would sell anything if they talked about all the pain and sleepless nights before they became successful? Of course not. We are seeing the finished product they became after all the difficulties.

Realize there is no such thing as an overnight success. Your goals will take time and goal setting is just part of the process. I am sure all the successful people will tell you to be patient when going after your goals. Patience is the one thing many people do not have because we have grown up in an instant news environment. We need to practice the fine art of patience.

Patience can be your friend if you figure out how to wield its power.

#2 Patience is a Virtue

Patience when it comes to goal setting is a virtue. Once again all the successful people realize it takes patience and time to achieve their goals. If we set a goal and accomplished the goal in one hour or one day then the goal was a little too easy. But you did learn something valuable, which is you can achieve goals. However, you need to set bigger goals to push yourself.

Patience and goal setting is a wonderful combination because together they form a great team. You see being patient is not a bad thing. Not being patient is how you lose out on your goals. This is why so many people quit on their goals before the seed of goal setting takes root. We cannot set a goal and then expect to accomplish the goal in one day. If you were climbing a mountain and it took only one hour to climb to the top it would not have been that big of mountain.

Goals and mountains are meant to be difficult, to push us to something we have not done before. The big mountainous goal does not have to be something no one ever did before. The goal just has to be something you have never done before, which pushes you past where you have been.

This is the real part of patience as a virtue because the goal should make us something better than we were previously. This is why we need goal setting patience when we set our goals.

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