We all want to lose weight and feel great about ourselves. I am sure that each of you reading this has tried one of those “magic” weight loss fast diets. I am also sure that you have ended up gaining the weight back very quickly. That is because weight loss fast diets do not work. Let's take a look at why losing weight quickly does not lead to permanent weight loss.

Research has found that 95% of diets fail within the first year. When we embark on a new fast diet we may lose weight quickly at first. However, most of the time we gain it back plus some. We then look for the next fad diet and end up with similar results. This cycle of dieting is called yo-yo dieting. When we yo-yo diet we end up feeling down on ourselves and begin believing that we are unable to succeed.

The act of dieting, especially fast diets, can cause us to develop a set of negative belief patterns. These belief patterns can prevent us from reaching our weight loss goals. If feel that being thin will help us to become successful we may start putting too much emphasis on our looks rather than loving ourselves. To begin losing weight in a healthy manner we must first accept ourselves and begin to believe in ourselves again. Taking the step toward a healthy relationship with food first needs to come from within ourselves.

One major reason diets fail is due to the restrictions that are put on certain foods. Weight loss fast diets dictate what we can and cannot eat if we want to lose weight. Giving up foods that we love and restricting our intake of foods can leave us craving more food and make us miserable, You may even reach the point where you just want to give up. Dieting with restrictions does not help us develop a healthy relationship with food.

By not dieting we have a better chance of losing weight and keeping it off. The non-diet approach is very different than the common fast diets because it teaches us to listen to our bodies instead of deny our body the foods that it needs. The non-diet approach to weight loss will help you learn what your body needs. It is based on eating when you are hungry and stopping when you are full.

Weight loss fast diets do not work. If you have struggled with developing a healthy relationship with food then you should consider the non-diet approach to weight loss. This approach to weight loss proves to be successful for a lifetime. By developing a healthy set of beliefs about yourself and food, you can will begin to feel better about your abilities to lose weight. By developing a relationship with your body and learning to listen to what it needs, you can begin to see healthy changes in your life. Change is waiting for you – you just need to take the first step.

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