Why is my business not being taken seriously? What is it about my brand that's being overlooked? When will I have my big break? How can I get others to become part of my team? We must have patience. Give what we want to get. Focus on what we can do for others instead of what they can do for us. And when you accomplish something don't be afraid to celebrate.

Becoming your own boss is being a builder. Survey the land. Make sure the soil is solid and not sinking sand. This takes courage. Create consistent habits, building your foundation on confidence. Be organized on paper and in your mindset. If you lack knowledge of your craft, study, study, execute. You hold the keys to your success. Be clear about the service you provide. Know your demographic. Be renewed each day with the spirit to win.

At the age of sixteen, I knew I wanted to be an artist. Growing up in an urban area there were not many outlets but I was blessed with many mentors that supported my vision. My family was not so sure I could make a creative career because I couldn't make up my mind on what medium to choose. This sent me into a depression for many years. I had almost given up. I began to pray as I always do when things get heavy. Asking the divine how can I combine art, fitness and social activism. And in 2007 I started my journey back to the true me and four years later I created TheHouseOfBoom (c).2011. T.H.O.B represents my design house, my health/fitness system Yo'Pilatos (c).2011 and my internet show "My America". My brand is Creative Consciousness.

To be a leader, first you need to serve. Have the right attitude. No one wants to follow a dictator. Even though we may see the end goal, others may be skeptical. Have patience with them. If you come from a place of ego, your house will crumble. Be easy to talk to. Don't let pride get in the way of your message. Stand strong and others will walk tall with you.

Be a boss. Be a leader. Show enthusiasm. Be motivating. Set short, long and ultimate goals for you and your team. Your work ethic will inspire them. Be the coach. Lead your brand to victory.

Why not? I'm worth it. What's stopping me? I can do anything. "When the going gets tough." I know what to do. How will I bulid? With courage, confidence and creativity the world is mine!

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Growing up on the mean streets wasn't easy but with creativity and a sense of spirituality, I beat the odds.