In this article you are going to discover 10 BIG MISTAKES many guys make that cause women to cheat. The first 5 reasons are mistakes guys make outside the bedroom and the second 5 mistakes are things guys do wrong inside the bedroom.

Read on and it'll all make sense...

5 Mistakes Guys Make Outside The Bedroom That Cause Their Women To Cheat

1. Not Respecting Their Women

Without respect -- a relationship is doomed to failure. When a man does something that causes his woman to lose respect for him, she'll very often cheat.

You must respect your woman.

2. Not Telling The Truth

Trust is a vital part of all successful relationships, but many guys do something that breaks their woman's trust. At this point -- many women cheat.

Be a man of your word and always tell the truth.

3. Taking Their Women For Granted

Every woman likes to feel appreciated by her man. Indeed, when some women feel like they are being taken for granted -- they very often cheat.

Do little things to show your woman that you appreciate her.

4. Being Boring

Many women cheat because they are totally BORED of their men. This tends to happen in longer term relationships.

Don't be like the average dude who watches football and only talks about beer, cars and 'tits'.

Instead, be an interesting guy -- one who your woman finds FUN to be around.

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5. Not Opening Up To Their Women On An Emotional Level

This is a HUGE MISTAKE many guys make and it causes women to cheat.

You see, every woman wants to feel connected to her man on an emotional level. You should make sure you are 'emotionally available' to your woman.

5 Mistakes Guys Make Inside The Bedroom That Cause Their Women To Cheat

The most common reason why women cheat is to GET BETTER SEX. These are the mistakes most guys make that make the sex lousy...

1. Failing To Be A Man And Take Control

Every woman wants a man who takes control in the bedroom. They do not want wimpy, submissive guys.

So be sure to instigate the sex and lead your woman in the bedroom.

2. Being Predictable

Doing the same things over and over again is a recipe for 'bedroom boredom' and poor sex.

The solution is to try something new in the bedroom each and every time you 'get it on' with your woman.

3. Not Talking Dirty

For a woman, sex is very mental. This means that women need dirty talk to have truly GREAT SEX. When a man fails to talk dirty, he fails in the bedroom. Simple as that.

4. Giving Their Women Too Much 'Vanilla' Sex

Missionary position with the lights on and no dirty talk -- that's 'vanilla' sex.

But what women really want is downright nasty sex. They want naughty, dirty sex that makes them feel alive. Don't be afraid to give your woman what she really wants in the bedroom.

5. Failing To Give Their Women VAGINAL ORGASMS

Most women have only ever had an orgasm due to clitoral stimulation and that's why most women are sexually unfilled and many of them cheat.

Women whose lovers regularly give them mind-blowing VAGINAL ORGASMS are virtually always totally loyal to their men. If you want to give your woman the best sex ever -- you must give her vaginal orgasms.

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There are more erogenous zones on a woman's body than a man's. If you are aware of all the zones you can bring her to orgasms without penetrative sex. However, penetrative sex should be the last act in the sex session and you should only engage in it after she has had at least two orgasms during the foreplay.

Stimulate her other body parts
Women get excited when you fondle and run your fingers over their inner thighs, buttocks, pubic area, lower leg and the nape of their neck. You can use your tongue and fingers to do this while you give her a breath sucking French kiss. This will make her so hot that she will be screaming for more.

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Turn your attention to her genitals
After warming her up now is the time you pay attention to her genitals. The vaginal lips, the clitoris and the g spot will give you enough opportunity to give her one more orgasm. Use your tongue to flicker her clitoris till it is erect like your penis. Her vaginal lips will also swell as blood flow to that area increases. Insert a well lubricated finger inside her vagina and move it back and forth till she is dripping wet.

Penetrative sex
This is the last thing that you will do to bring her to an earth shattering orgasm. Penetrate her from behind while she is on all fours. Hold her hips and move them back and forth to compliment your thrusts. Change to different positions when you are about to ejaculate. Continue till such time that you and your woman explode in one massive orgasm.

Penetrative sex with a difference
If your woman is game you may suggest and indulge in anal sex. This, however, will be her decision. The anus also has several nerve endings that give women the same pleasure that they experience with vaginal sex. Some women who are initially hesitant get hooked to this type of sex once they experience it.

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