Bad boys, bad boys, watcha gonna do when they come for you? For some women, the answer is, "Hurl myself into his tattooed arms." These women are captivated by his untamed wildness, fearlessness, nonconformity, rebelliousness, boldness, charm, charisma and independence. With testosterone production permanently stuck in overdrive, he exudes an irresistibly raw sexuality.

Looks that kill

The bad boy's appearance is a powerfully magnetic force field that ensnares many women. Tattoos, long hair, a shaved head, earrings, piercings, a goatee, beard stubble, sunglasses, boots, leather apparel, and even makeup such as black eyeliner – yes, eyeliner – all contribute to the bad boy's physical appeal. A woman who decks herself out similarly – minus the facial hair, of course – may be attracted to the man who resembles a kindred spirit. A good girl, weary of what she perceives to be a bland, by-the-book existence, may find her inner bad girl enthralled by a bad boy whose appearance goes so flagrantly against the grain of society's standards.

Appetite for adrenaline

Women who are hesitant to take chances can live vicariously through a bad boy who thrives on taking risks and living on the edge. She can sit next to him while he races his muscle car against an opponent. She can perch behind him, arms wrapped around his tattooed torso, while he guns his motorcycle up to scenery-blurring speeds. She can watch him as he skydives, rock-climbs or bungee jumps. His bloated ego gets even more pumped up when he shows off and impresses her, and she's excited by dating an adrenaline junkie who effortlessly accomplishes things that intimidate her – and who may coax her into eventually doing those same things, as well.

Confidence counts

Confident men make very appealing dates, and bad boys are not only supremely confident, but often arrogant, as well. They are leaders of the pack, or Alpha males, extremely extroverted, and utterly certain of themselves and what they want. They enjoy stretching the rules and digressing from typical, predictable conduct. Bad boys have no apprehensions about shocking others, making mistakes or garnering social or personal scorn. A bad boy sticks to his own beliefs, decisions and behaviors, even if they're not the most popular ones, an unflinching self-assurance which many women find mesmerizing.

A silver tongue and a black heart

Bad boys always know what to say – or, rather, what you want to hear – are breathtakingly charming and are never at a loss for words. Playing his own cards close to the vest, while skillfully inducing you to disclose information practically dating back to when you were a fetus, the bad boy asks specific questions and makes beguiling comments that seem to indicate he's quite smitten by you. He may calmly converse about commitment and marriage, strictly for the purpose of luring you in. True or not, you don't care – going out with him is an absolutely intoxicating self-esteem booster.

Less attachment equals more fun

A woman who is bored with the "nice" men she's been dating, but who is not seeking a serious relationship, finds the completely spontaneous adventure of dating a bad boy irresistible. To her, bad boys are some of the most thrilling men around. She knows that nothing is out of bounds for a bad boy – especially wildly electrifying, no-strings-attached sex. She recognizes that bad boys are candid and brazen, and she loves to coolly rise to the many challenges he throws down. Bad boys aren't called players for no reason – to them, dating is a game that reveals which person can have the most fun while remaining the least attached. The woman enjoys this game because she has no desire for a relationship – even with the bad boy. They are both on the same playing field.

An antidote to intimacy

When a woman has a fear of intimacy, the best antidote is a bad boy. She may be hurting from a failed relationship, and commitment is the last thing she wants. If she chooses a bad boy, she is well aware that the odds are against the relationship ripening into something more meaningful. This significantly reduces the possibility that the woman will have her heart broken again. After all, the bad boy can't lose her trust in him if she never had it in the first place.

A disadvantage to dating a bad boy is that since many women respond sexually to his dusky, masculine energy, he can pick and choose from the numerous women who are drawn to him, and therefore he is often unfaithful. These are the unfortunate circumstances actress Sandra Bullock had to deal with when her now ex-husband, motorcycle-riding bad boy Jesse James, was caught committing serial infidelity. Bad boys are fun to simply play with, but when you're done, be sure to send them back to the toy box.

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I've always loved rock music -- its power, its passion, its energy. I love spirituality, and its practical applications, for the same reasons -- its profound energy, its tremendous power, its soul-stirring passion. Rock music can quietly move you with its soft ballads, or catapult you to the heights of euphoria with thunderous melodies. Spirituality possesses these same qualities, and all the nuances in between. I contribute to many metaphysical and self-realization websites, and I edited a renowned book by a distinguished transcendent teacher. I'm grateful that I can use my talent for writing to convey messages of spirituality, as well as self-improvement and personal development. Spirituality, with its strong, soundless resonation, is the music that courses through my body, mind and soul.