One of the most important purchases you will make is getting yourself the right bike, especially if you take part in competitions, but even just for recreational and exercise. Finding the right one is crucial to your safety, your comfort, your enjoyment, and potentially for your performance. But the fact is buying a bike as a woman is harder than buying as a man. Most mountain bikes are built with men in mind so getting the perfect fit takes more work, and having a professional bike fit, whether an online bike fit or in person, becomes even more important as a result.

Why is it harder for women to buy a bike?

The facts are that women have proportions and shapes that are different. Often they are smaller though not always, but then the torsos are usually shorter though many have more length in the legs. This means a bike designed for men is not going to fit properly to a woman without making some adjustments. You might like a Gebiomized stride saddle for example. When a bike does not fit properly you are more likely to sustain injuries such as back pain and knee problems, and you are more likely to have accidents when out riding. More companies are realizing they need to design something specifically for women but not all of them have.

What can you do?

So now you are asking what can you do to get a better fitting bike and one of those things is to have a bike fit when you go buy the bike or have an online bike fit. Then you can also test the bike before you buy it to get a feel for it. There are also things you can look for in a bike to better ensure a good fit. The distance between the upper tube of the bike and you should be between 4 to 6 inches to prevent more serious injuries if you have an accident. Stand above the bike you are looking at and see how far your crotch area is from the upper tube. You also need to check that the length of the upper tube does not mean you are too far from the bike front.

Saddle height is another factor. With a Gebiomized stride saddle, you need to make sure that as you sit on the bike your legs are not fully stretched out when you push the pedal to its furthest setting. When you are cycling on the ground that is uneven it means you will have to stand more so in this case you might want the saddle at an even lower setting. Then have your handlebars at a height that feels comfortable. It is a lot cheaper to have all this sorted out when you buy the bike rather than having to change a lot of things at a later date.


When you are a woman buying a mountain bike you need to consider the fit a lot more carefully than a man and make sure you get a bike fit. It will keep you comfortable and suffering less from pain and injuries.

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This article penned by Lora Davis