Why won't he leave his wife to be with me by Rosemary Price psychic. A case study. Names and some details have been changed to protect identities.

When I first started began working as a numerologist, clairvoyant and psychic tarot reader I found most who wanted me to read for them were having situations regarding their love life. Many of them were desperately unhappy because of it and some were even desperate enough to consider suicide. Those in a relationship but not wanting to be, often with a boring partner and a lover hanging around in the wings ready to take their place full time and those who were not in a relationship at all and totally single but did want to be and saw it as the be all and end all of life. Each believing that if they got rid of their partner or found a new partner they would be deliriously happy forever. Life is not that simple. Some of those who were very eager to find a new partner had had a partner before and it had brought them misery, but they hoped for what they wanted - a new partner who made them very happy.

They often assumed that if they spoke to me about it this would guarantee them what they wanted. So if they were eager to get rid of a husband simply coming to me and letting me read their cards cemented that it would happen exactly the way they wanted it to, so if they hoped their husband would die tomorrow coming to see me somehow guaranteed this would happen!

A lady called Veronica who was much older than many of the others was intent on finding a man. She had been on her own quite a while. She had been married four times and each time they had left her. All that concerned her now was finding the next one. She did not care who it was, anyone, so long as they had money. She had very little and she had always relied on men to pay for everything for her. Veronica forgot that men who are rich tend to shy away from very old women.
She got keen on a man she met who was already married but wanting to stay married, one of the few married men who actually loved and respected and cherished his wife and would not cheat on her. In many ways you would respect and admire him for it, but not her, all she thought of was finding ways to get him to be with her instead.
Veronica got it into her head that he must want to leave his wife to be with her - because she hated to be single. This poor married man had never gone out with her, never touched her, never flirted with her, had always been very well behaved and I am sure that if he had known what she had in mind he would not even speak to her.
But she was so intent on not being single anymore she wanted to prize him away from his wife to be with him at any cost - with no consideration for the wife or for the man. Which tells you a great deal about Veronica and why her previous husbands had dumped her!

I told her the truth and she became very angry towards me. She went to see another psychic in the area. Then another and then another. Some of the so called psychic readers she went to were totally unknown novices but all she cared about was hearing that he will leave wife and she went from one to the other until she heard those words. Each of the others said yes he will leave. One psychic promised her that he would be with her within a year. She gave her lots of wonderful promises to go with it and silly Veronica believed it all and sat back waiting for this to happen. As if some happily married man who has never been out with her or shown any interest in her is going to leave simply to keep those promises made by amateur tarot and psychic readers.

None of it happened, the man remained with his wife. Why would he leave a wife he loves and has been with for many years for a woman he hardly knows who is greedy and selfish? She became angry and difficult and kept nagging me to find ways to make him leave his wife. No thought to how this would be splitting up a happy marriage of many years or how selfish this was.
Eventually Veronica turned her attention to a different man and was the same with him. One of the most self centred, cold and delusional women I have ever come across.

She kept asking me why he would not leave his wife for her. Yet in a way she did not care. All she cared about was that he was with her.
Why? She wanted a man who would take care of her financially. It was all about money. Not the man.
I was very pleased that the man stayed with his wife, he would have had a terrible life with Veronica. Even if he had been totally single I would think he was better off without her. As well as ruining a happy life he already had with his wife, who also did not deserve this.

A psychic and tarot reader is there to help people. Sometimes helping those who do not deserve help or deserve the life they want. But who are we to judge? We promise we will not judge so we should not. Only as we are human we cannot help having our own thoughts. Thankfully most of the people who come to me for psychic help are nicer.

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