2020 was an unprecedented year. The Pandemic hit businesses hard and forced them to transition from face to face workplace environments to remote ones almost overnight. As a mandate organizations had to adopt robust technology solutions to keep their business moving forward and minimize the disruption caused by the Covid situation. ERP solutions which have been in vogue for many years now, and have simplified business processes significantly, progressed from being good to use solution to a must-have. Workday, one of the premier providers of ERP solutions, saw significant growth in the usage of their solution.

Following a queue from the rest of the world; organizations across India also heavily invested in Workday ERP solutions. However, most organizations faced challenges with poor adoption and umpteenth utilization of this transformative workplace solution. The reason being employees across departments did not understand how to and to what extent they could leverage Workday ERP. The simple solution for organizations would be to invest in an end-to-end and thorough Workday Training program. Such a program would not only covers the basic features and utilities of Workday Solutions but also explores in-depth use cases applicable to an organization.

How Workday Training will benefit the companies?

Through the Workday Training in Chennai; the companies will have a trained workforce for human capital management and software solutions for functional concepts providing cloud leveraging on the modern technology platform. Below listed the benefits any company will enjoy when it will invest in Workday Training.

• Productivity: The Workday trained workforce will be able to fast track finance and human resource procedures of the company. Eventually, it will highly impact productivity and make the process quick.

• Maximization of the investment: When the company is investing in its real-time employees it will have a better and bigger return over investment. The employees after receiving the Workday Training in Chennai will build the success structure of the company itself.

• Intelligent decision making: Trained people will be able to have better decision making capability than non-trained employees.

• Transparency: When the whole finance and human resource processes are managed by the software then you can expect better transparency as the outcome. All the departments will be aware of the functions of the whole organization that leads to a better result.

• Organized: With the introduction of the software, the scope of manual error will decrease drastically and all the functions will be aligned and organized. Both finance and human resources are part of the planning and with a robust system and trained workforce, the company will attain the goal without any hassle.

How to select Workday Training for the company?

There are several important modules that the company or individual needs to consider while selecting the Workday Training in Chennai.

• Real-time professionals: The training sessions must be conducted by real-time professionals who have field experience and working in the ERP domain for a long. It ensures better learning and application of the software.

• Certificate: After the completion of the training, there must be a certificate to prove the authenticity of the course.

• Customized: Every company has a different requirement for ERP. The Workday course must be customized as per the requirement of the company.

• Materials: Check the material of the course and make sure it includes different important segments of the Workday Solutions like staffing models, security groups, compensation, business process definition, transaction, billing, report writing, calculated fields, EIB Inbound EIB, Outbound EIB, Cloud connectors and many more.

• Flexibility: The course must offer flexibility as the employees are already engaged in their respective jobs so that they can pursue it as per their convenience.

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