As a female, I am very self-conscious about how I look. I have spent many years trying to grow as a person over the years and working out/fitness have been so important for me. The main reason why I like to work out so much is for the feeling when I'm done working out.

There are a few things that make going to the gym every day an easier task.

Proper Gym Bag For Females

I like to have a gym bag that has a lot of room inside of it but doesn't take up a ton of space. A lot of gyms get crowded and there's nothing more frustrating than trying to change when someone has their bag out taking up all of the space in the locker room.

You can learn more about these here.

I like to have different compartments in my bag so I can separate my dirty and clean clothes. If you combine all of your clothes in the main compartment you will find that your clothes will start to smell.

What To Pack In Bag

I like to bring my essentials for getting ready for work. I bring a mini mirror, make-up, hair products, clothes, and running shoes. This helps me prepare for the day and keep all of my gear organized in a familiar place.

Be sure to keep up with your laundry so that your bag doesn't fill up right away with dirty clothes.

On top of packing the right stuff, I like to have something that has a strap. It's frustrating holding your bags from their handles when you can just use a strap.

Meal Prepping

This is important as it can save you loads of time. You can plan out each meal that you will be eating during the week. This will prepare you for when you should be ready to eat. A lot of the times that I meal prep, I find myself getting more done during the week. This is because I know what to expect for time.

Not only does this free up more time, but you typically are healthier from doing this. Being prepared makes it so you don't find yourself at a fast food restaurant because you ran out of time to eat properly.


If it weren't for headphones, I wouldn't find myself getting done half the stuff I do each day. While at the gym, I am always listening to music to keep me moving towards my goals.

My Goal To Becoming A Better Me

I have had a long journey, but fitness has changed my life for the better. I truly enjoy waking up and knowing that I will be working out each day.

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