Online distance learning programs can give the impression that it will be a lonely learning journey for the students. As a result, these programs are often shunned by individuals who are looking forward to enjoying rich classroom discussions as well as expanding their social network. What they don’t realize is that these experiences can be obtained from online distance learning education. As a matter of fact, they can even get more by exerting enough effort and making good choices along the way.
Lively classroom discussion is highly possible in distance learning through a synchronous e-learning system. While students are logged on from different locations, they can simultaneously share their thoughts on the subject in an online classroom. This is similar to a traditional classroom scenario except that it is supported by chat or videoconferencing. Why you can have more? If you are the type who easily gets timid in face to face discussions, the online set-up can actually encourage you to contribute more.
Truly, many students who are typically shy find confidence when they are online. After all, they are less conscious of themselves and also less worried about making mistakes. In online classes, students are more assertive to speak, too, since they have more time to come up with ideas or questions that can add relevance to the discussion. Imagine how many less confident students are possibly in a class and if all of them finally participate, a richer and livelier class discussion could not be too far.
If you need to be in an asynchronous e-learning mode, you can still enjoy spirited discussions when exchanging emails with instructors or when joining message boards intended for students taking a specific class. For instance, online language training certificate students can benefit from participating in a language learning forum where they can instantly practice what they are learning and get feedback from their instructors or from more advanced students.
Lastly, meeting new friends is icing on the cake of online learning so make sure you get the most out of it. Since it requires less effort to be yourself when no one’s too focused on how you look or the way you dress, it becomes easier to interact and make friends with people from online classes. It can also be culturally-enriching because online education attracts students from different parts of the world. Whether they live in another city or another country, you will learn much from their diverse views.

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