So, for today’s EnergyRICH® Ezine issue we are here to talk about money. So first, let’s take a look at beliefs, money beliefs. It’s very important to understand what you are bringing to the table when it comes to your relationship with money. What are you bringing to the table in terms of the way that you use money, the way that you think about money, the way that you feel about money, the way that you choose to allow money in or allow money out, the whole energy of money?

This is particularly important when it comes to connecting in with a potential client.

Whatever you believe you know about someone else and their money, you don’t. I invite you to really think about that.

How many times, whether it’s past through you consciously or unconsciously, have you made a judgment and assessment and assumption about someone else and their money based on how they look, based on how they talk, based on what they say? The true bottom line is that you don’t know. Even those who perhaps are closest to you and you believe that you know about that person and their money, you don’t. You can only know based on what someone shares with you and what you bring to that, based on your own money story.

There are people who have millions and millions and billions of dollars and they feel poor. They will tell you “they’re strapped”. They’ll tell you, “times are hard.” They’ll tell you, “they have to be careful” and you would have no idea that they actually have millions connected to them in whatever way: bank accounts, bonds, properties, who knows.

Then you have other people who literally only have dollars and they feel so rich. They act rich and they talk rich. They invest rich and wisely, or maybe not so wisely, but they’re willing to invest. So it’s very important to really begin to understand that again, whatever you believe you know about someone else and their money, you don’t.

So when I hear highly sensitive entrepreneurs™ talk to me about, “Well, you know, when it comes to my ideal client, I have to really find people who have money; people who will be willing to pay me, people who have money to buy my services or to use my services. That’s my ideal client. That’s my target market.” When it really comes down to it, it doesn’t even matter because you truly don’t know anything about their story. You could “target” a particular group, but you have no idea truly, how much money they have. Even if you did know how much money they have, what makes you so sure just because they do that they’re going to spend it on you?

As you are able to take full energetic responsibility for yourself and your money story and your relationship with money, then you become free to simply step forward and serve.

Only you can change your story because source energy responds to your story. If there’s something that feels out of alignment for you, if something feels mismatched, if something feels like there’s lower level energies activated, it’s an indication. It’s a sign to you that something is about to be born. This is so true in the area of money because money is energy. Money will simply reflect the energy that you are putting out. Money is like a mirror.

Your EnergyRich Call to Action:

1) Direct: what do you want your money story to be?

2) Decide: it’s ok if you feel lower level energies activated like fear and doubt when it comes to money, but is this where you want to stay or do you choose for these energies to shift upward?

3) Design: commit to change your story. Change the story, the role, and the relationship that money plays within your life.

4) Do one step: this doesn’t all have to happen at once. Begin with one baby step to simply watch your thoughts about money without judgment and observe how things begin to change.

5) Don’t go it alone: It only makes sense to receive support when it comes to changing your money story, our door here at EnergyRICH® Coaching, Inc. is open. Just click here and fill out this online form to schedule a 1:1 private next steps activation call with myself or one of my trained by me coaches. We will connect in, hear what’s happening for you, your energy, your money story and your business and support you in gaining clarity about your best next steps. You will be amazed by the miracles that take place from this very special process.

Author's Bio: 

Heather Dominick is the creator of, a business training company teaching highly sensitive self-employed coaches and entrepreneurs to be purposeful, profitable and empowered so you can make a Considerably Huge™ difference in the world and live a life that is EnergyRICH®.

Through her EnergyRICH® online coaching programs, 3-tiered Business Training Programs and in-person Training Retreats Heather teaches her students how to embrace their natural highly sensitive abilities as business building assets, rather than hindrances, so you can transcend lower level energies like fear, worry and overwhelm and build your business from a place of clarity, confidence and gracious strength. Fill out an application here for a private Next Steps Activation Call to get clear about your best next business steps.

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