Why You Can Never Find Good Advice.

And, the reasons to look online for it.

There are different books, seminars, and websites (like this one) that provide advice. All these sources dispell the negative factors in our lives. They are often based on a belief that positivity will produce better results. I do not believe that is the only thing that will assist in providing answers for you.

I think you need to also understand the negative factors that impact your life. And, I think you need to get advice from more than one source.

As a matter of fact, this was advice I got from my psychic. It is the best advice I ever received. It stuck with me. Imagine that? I did not read this in any books and I sure was never told this by anyone before.

People ask me why would you even consider a phone psychic in the first place. My response, I try a variety of different methods when it comes to self-improvement. This way, I get a more diverse and unbiased result.

If everyone says the same thing, then I know the advice is more accurate. Why would I leave something so important to me in the hands of one person? You get second opinions on medical advice, why wouldn't you get it for your mental health?

I am a creative individual and I know there is not just one way of looking at things. And, there is never just one answer. I need to see different sides and views for everything I do. Why would I not judge myself in the same manner?

This brings up the question; Why can we never find valid advice or helpful information?

The answer is simple, if you did you would no longer need help.

People make money by helping others.

How helpful they are will depend on how much money they can make doing so. Does this sound like you are going to get great advice? You aren't. That is why you are responsible for doing some of your own research. Get a variety of opinions and go from there.

I suppose that is one reason it's called self-help.

Don't let one person or place try to tell you that they will offer the best advice. Grab as many apples as you can and sort them out based on how ripe or bruised they are. In the end, you will see you have a basket full. And you know that all the apples in it are good.

If you picked each apple one at a time, you would end up with only a small amount of good ones. You have just limited your possibilities.

Why I don't like how to guides.

Guides offer solutions, but they rarely provide you with everything you need to know. They leave out important things and they never tell you everything. If they did, you would not need to buy another one.

They provide you just enough to learn the rest on your own. Or lead you towards buying another one.

This reality is a bit perplexing because this is both negative and positive at the same time.

It costs more than it has to. You will most likely need more guides in the future.

But, what would be the point of doing anything if you had all the answers? There would be nothing left to strive for and this is not a good thing. "Dripping" advice has its advantages.

Why do we think that psychologists, counsellors, and psychics are any different? They aren't.

The real difference is only the cost. They only offer advice. Nothing more. Each based on a different level of education and experience.

When you add up the time, travelling and rate of some therapists you begin to see the value of online advice. Whether that is advice from a book, therapist, forum or psychic for that matter.

Why should you look online for advice? Costs less and provides you with a variety of answers.

What you do with that advice, well that is a guide for another day! Wink.

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Marketing manager and former community relations engineer, I have a keen insight into the human psyche. Educated and experienced in group leadership, I have written numerous articles on the subject. These can be found on many sites throughout the Internet including telemedium.ca My passion is writing. There is nothing more fascinating than writing about what drives humans. Regardless if that means writing about psychics, sex, life or anything else.